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China Pictures Urumqi City.

Travel China Guide Xinjiang.

Peoples Daily Online China's Xinjiang expected to see record tourism revenue in 2011. (2011)

Far West China A Hiker’s Guide to Xinjiang, China. (2012)

Far West China Xinjiang Budget Travel: 5 Money-Saving Tips. (2012)

China.org Xinjiang tourism booms in 2012. (2013)

Betchart Expeditions (California based) Xinjiang and Hunza. (2013)

Far West China Urumqi’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum. (2013)

Far West China Turpan’s Astana Tombs: Burial of Xinjiang’s Ancient Kings. (2013)

Coke & Som Smith Photography & Travelogue Wildlife Expedition to Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region: In Search of the Wild Bactrian Camel. (2013)

Ethno Traveller Bending Time in Xinjiang. (2013)



GobiMin Engaged in the exploration, development and exploitation of mineral properties in Xinjiang.

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Xinjiang becomes top gas producer in China. (2007)

Sina China's pipeline starts pumping central Asian gas into Xinjiang. (2009)

Radio Free Asia China Taxes Xinjiang Energy. (2010)

Xinhuanet News New railway to cut short trip between capital cities of Tibet, Xinjiang. (2011)

China Daily Xinjiang facing wind power dilemma. (2012)

China in Central Asia Xinjiang: struggle to revive Silk Road. (2012)

World Socialist Web Site Volkswagen opens plant in Chinese province of Xinjiang. (2013)

China Briefing Business Intelligence China Regional Focus: Urumqi, Xinjiang. (2013)



London Uyghur Ensemble

Buddist Art News Excavation of Tuyugou Grottoes in Shanshan County, Xinjiang. (2011)

Sina Uygur women pursue a different path in Xinjiang. (2012)



You Tube Xinjiang.

NASA Earth Observatory Barkol Lake.

China Digital Times Xinjiang’s Melting Glaciers. (2008)

Earthquake World 5.3 Earthquake in southern Xinjiang. (2012)

Sina Lavender flowers in Xinjiang. (2012)

CRI English Large Jurassic Fossil Discovered in Xinjiang. (2012)



The Government-in-exile of East Turkestan Based in Washington, D.C.

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States Topics: Xinjiang.

CRIEnglish.com Chinese Premier Concludes Inspection to Xinjiang. (2007)



Turanian Lands. Turanian People Uyguristan - Eastern Turkestan.

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan.

Uyghur American Association Based in Washington, D.C.

World Uyghur Congress Based in Munich, Germany, European Union.

Uyghur Human Rights Project Based in Washington, D.C.

Wikipedia: Xinjiang Free encyclopedia information about the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Wikipedia: Ürümqi Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Wikipedia: Kashgar Free encyclopedia information about the City of Kashgar.

Wikipedia: East Turkestan Free encyclopedia information about East Turkestan.

Wikipedia: Turkestan Free encyclopedia information about Turkestan.

Wikipedia: East Turkestan independence movement

Guardian.co.uk Xinjiang.

Radio Free Asia Xinjiang news.

Human Rights Watch Tibet and Xinjiang.

The NY Times U.S. Labeling of Group in China as Terrorist Is Criticized. (2002)

CNN: Eye on China Xinjiang: On the new frontier. (2005)

BBC News China given warning on Xinjiang. (2005)

Jamestown Foundation Xinjiang: An Emerging Narco-Islamist Corridor? (2005)

Radio Free Europe China: Border Security Tightened Amid 'Terrorist Infiltration' Warning. (2007)

Relief Web Floods leave 32 dead in Xinjiang. (2007)

Xinhua News Agency Construction of 2nd highway completed in Xinjiang desert. (2007)

Global Security.org The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). (2008)

Taipai Times China arrests East Turkestan ‘terror’ suspects. (2008)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Security Forces Clear A Path For The Olympic Torch. (2008)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Torch Relay Worsens China Crackdown. (2008)

Washington Post Not the Torch of Liberty. (2008)

The Guardian China claims to have foiled Olympic kidnap plot. (2008)

Wikipedia 2008 Kashgar Attack. (2008)

Washington Post Uighurs and China's Xinjiang Region. (2008)

Far West China Will 2009 be an "Explosive" Year for Xinjiang? (2009)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Increased Security Budget Fails to Address Instability in East Turkestan. (2010)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Indications of an Intensified Clampdown. (2009)

Wikipedia July 2009 Ürümqi riots. (2009)

Human Rights Watch China: Exercise Restraint in Xinjiang. (2009)

Open Democracy The discovery of the Uyghurs. (2009)

Reuters Xinjiang – the spreading arc of instability. (2009)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Uyghurs Swept Up in Mass Detentions. (2009)

Human Rights Watch China: Detainees ‘Disappeared’ After Xinjiang Protests. (2009)

Islamweb The Uyghurs: A history of persecution. (2009)

Sina Heavy snow leaves one dead, over 5,000 evacuated in Xinjiang. (2010)

Human Rights House China unable to tackle instability in Western Region, say Uyghur exile groups. (2010)

Reuters Riot-hit Xinjiang capital at risk for years. (2010)

The Peking Duck Xinjiang Internet reforming and opening up? (2010)

Radio Free Asia Stabbings Reported in Xinjiang. (2010)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Pakistan Uyghurs in Hidings. (2010)

Reuters Uighur leader killed in Pakistan-Interior Minister. (2010)

Ref World Implications of Kyrgyzstan Revolt in China's Xinjiang Policy. (2010)

Radio Free Asia Xinjiang 'Tense' Amid Arab Turmoil. (2011)

VOA News China Vows to Maintain Social Stability in Xinjiang, Tibet. (2011)

Sina Snowstorm hits NW China's Xinjiang. (2011)

Reuters China to turn restive Xinjiang capital into global city. (2011)

The New York Times In Xinjiang, Exploring a Changing Story. (2011)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Halting the Wave of Persecution. (2011)

Sina Heavy sand storm sweeps Tarim Basin of Xinjiang. (2011)

Wikipedia 2011 Hotan attack. (2011)

Reuters China raises death toll to 18 in Xinjiang violence. (2011)

Wikipedia 2011 Kashgar Attacks. (2011)

Al Jazeera 'Eruption of violence' in China's Xinjiang. (2011)

SF Gate Islamic radicals attacked Kashgar, China says. (2011)

Voice of America What Is the East Turkestan Islamic Movement? (2011)

Reuters Land seizures in China's Kashgar fuel anger among Uighurs. (2011)

The Guardian China cracks down in Xinjiang following ethnic violence. (2011)

Far West China Xinjiang “Cat Army” Declares War on Rats. (2011)

DNA Pakistan takes action against East Turkestan Islamic Movement. (2011)

Reuters Insight: China's war on terror widens Xinjiang's ethnic divide. (2011)

Reuters China’s war on terror alienates Xinjiang’s Muslim Uighurs. (2011)

Taipai Times Learning the bitter lessons of Chinese occupation. (2011)

Reuters China says Xinjiang kidnappers were on "holy war. (2012)

Expert Click China must stop genocide in East Turkestan: IGBS. (2012)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization 50 Years After Test 596 - Nuclear Testing in East Turkestan. (2012)

The Tibet Post The effects of Nuclear Testing in East Turkestan. (2012)

Reuters China official sees militant links in Pakistan. (2012)

China Daily No mercy for terrorist acts in Xinjiang. (2012)

China Aid Police Raid House Church in Xinjiang, Detain 70 Christians. (2012)

Reuters China sentences Uighur man to death over Xinjiang attacks. (2012)

East Asia Forum Violence in Xinjiang: indicative of deeper problems? (2012)

Persecution Blog Police Raid House Church in Xinjiang, Detain 70 Christians. (2012)

China Digital Times Turkish PM Visits Xinjiang: A Lesson in Diplomacy. (2012)

Voice of America Uighur Leader Accuses China of ‘Systematic Assimilation’. (2012)

IFEX Netizen in Xinjiang province detained for "spreading rumours" online. (2012)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Planned Deportations Condemned. (2012)

Reuters China says hijacking foiled in troubled Xinjiang. (2012)

The China Story Anxieties in Tibet and Xinjiang. (2012)

Sina English 1,600 vagrant Xinjiang children resume normal life. (2013)

Sina English High school admissions a priority in Xinjiang. (2013)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization East Turkestan: Malaysia Deporting Uyghurs. (2013)

China.org Reservoir leak results in casualties in Xinjiang. (2013)

Xinjiang Review Blog Detaining Ilham Tohti in Beijing: Xinjiang Security Sector’s Extraterritoriality. (2013)

Reuters "Terrorist" axe, knife and arson attack kills 21 in China's Xinjiang. (2013)

Wikipedia April 2013 Bachu unrest. (2013)

Wikipedia June 2013 Shanshan riots. (2013)

CNN Reports: Unrest in China's Xinjiang kills 35. (2013)

The Guardian Riots in China's Xinjiang province kill dozens. (2013)

Bloomberg China Claims Foreign Terrorists Are Linked to Xinjiang Violence. (2013)

Express Tribune US responsible for terrorism in Xinjiang: China. (2013)

The Hindu China sees Syrian link to Xinjiang violence. (2013)

Fox News Identity crisis behind China's Xinjiang unrest: experts. (2013)

Sina Turkey supports China in fighting terrorism in Xinjiang. (2013)

Reporters Without Borders Xinjiang suffers information blockade four years after demonstrations. (2013)

DW Ethnic tensions escalating in Xinjiang. (2013)

The Diplomat China’s Wild West: A Cautionary Tale of Ethnic Conflict and Development. (2013)

The Diplomat Xinjiang: Reassessing the Recent Violence. (2013)

The Guardian Xinjiang violence: two get death penalty. (2013)

The Politic Unrest in Xinjiang not work of “Terrorists”. (2013)

The New York Times Over News of Clash, a Shroud of Silence in Xinjiang. (2013)

BBC News Xinjiang attack: China sentences three to death. (2013)

Al Jazeera Uighurs at Xinjiang mosque have to face China flag when praying. (2013)

Asia Times Soviet lessons for China in Xinjiang. (2013)

Global Research Washington Promotes Islamism and Political Destabilization in Xinjiang Uygur, China’s Oil and Gas Rich Region. (2013)

The Economist Security in Xinjiang Tightening the screws. (2013)

Reuters Riot in China's Xinjiang kills 16, 'terror gang' blamed. (2013)

Global Times Xinjiang to see ‘major strategy shift’. (2014)

Earthquake Report Extremely dangerous earthquake in Xinjiang, China. (2014)

Reuters Chinese police blame separatist group for Urumqi bombing: Xinhua. (2014)

New York Times China Moves to Calm Restive Xinjiang Region. (2014)

Al Arabiya China bans Ramadan fast in Xinjiang region. (2014)

VOX Why China is making it harder for Chinese Muslims to celebrate Ramadan. (2014)

BBC News China Xinjiang: Muslim students 'made to eat' at Ramadan. (2014)

The Guardian Chinese police seize matchboxes in Xinjiang security crackdown. (2014)

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