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The Islamic University of Gaza



Palestine Remembered Gaza.

University of Texas Library Map of Gaza Strip.

University of Texas Library Map showing where Israeli Settlements had been in the Gaza Strip.

You Tube Gaza.

Gaza Mom The writings of a mother from Gaza.

Cycling for Gaza Cycling in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Palestine Marathon West Bank.

Run For Palestine London, U.K.

Palestine Book Awards

Palestine Festival of Literature

BBC Sport London 2012: Gaza 5,000m runner in quest to reach Olympics. (2012)

BBC Sport Gaza runner Nader el Masri sets sights on 2012. (2012)

International Solidarity Movement Video: The olive harvest in the Gaza Strip, 2013.

Population Pyramid of the State of Palestine 2015.



Wikipedia: Hamas Free encyclopedia information about Hamas.

US Virtual Consulate Gaza



Wikipedia: Gaza Strip Free encyclopedia information about Gaza.

The World Fact Book Gaza Strip.

The Free Gaza Movement

Gaza's Ark

Welcome to Gaza Convoy Project

If Americans Knew What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine.

American Friends of UNRWA

American Muslims for Palestine

Black Solidarity with Palestine

The Electronic Intifada

Palestine Legal

Palestine Monitor Exposing life under occupation.

Palestine Chronicle

Today in Palestine

Ma'an News Agency Gaza.

New York Times Gaza News.

New York Times Hamas News.

ABC News Gaza Strip features.

The Guardian Gaza.

France 24 Gaza Strip news stories.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America Gaza.

Blog: From Gaza, with Love

Wordpress In Gaza, My Gaza!

Blogspot Gaza, in the eyes of the beholder.

Gaza Siege News, Analysis and Humanitarian Action for Gaza.

Gisha Site Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.

BBC News Gaza's culture of violence. (2006)

New York Times Palestinian Split Deepens; Government in Chaos. (2007)

BBC News Abbas sacks Hamas-led government. (2007)

Common Dreams - News Gaza: Not Just a Prison, a Laboratory. (2007)

The Register Israel deploys robo-snipers on Gaza border. (2007)

New York Times What Hamas Wants. (2007)

American Thinker Article Blaming Bush for Gaza. (2007)

Honest Reporting Gaza 'Under Siege'? (2007)

Christian Science Monitor Gaza jobs meltdown: an ice-cream firm's tale. (2007)

BBC News Palestinians breach Gaza border. (2008)

Fox News US Worried About Gaza Border Breach. (2008)

Wikipedia 2008 breach of the Gaza–Egypt border. (2008)

CNN Airstrike hits Gaza ministry building. (2008)

Jewish World Review How to Transfer Gaza to Egypt. (2008)

History Guy Gaza War 2008-2009. Scenes from the Gaza Strip. (2009)

Human Rights Watch Israel: Stop Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza. (2009)

Dissident Voice Is Gaza a Testing Ground for Experimental Weapons? (2009)

Word Press Shooting at Farmers. What gives Israel the right? (2009)

Acted Back to school in Gaza. (2009)

Dissident Voice Gaza: A Story. (2009)

Rabbi Brant Jewish Fast for Gaza. (2009)

RFI Attacks on Israel drop in 2009. (2009)

Wikipedia Gaza Flotilla Raid 2010.

RFI Violence on Egyptian border with Gaza strip. (2010)

McLeans Israel attacks aid convoy to Gaza. (2010)

McLeans Iran to send aid ships to Gaza. (2010)

Desert Peace Peace to Gaza from Ireland.... (2010)

New Statesman Gaza on the edge of no return. (2011)

The Guardian Gaza war report was stalled by Palestinian Authority on US request. (2011)

IRIN Prices soar in Gaza as Rafah, tunnels close. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Gaza: Stop Rocket Attacks Against Israel Civilians. (2011)

Indypendent Cracks Appear in the Gaza Blockade. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Gaza: Stop Suppressing Peaceful Protests. (2011)

CBC News Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza facilities: Hamas. (2011) We are all Gaza. (2011)

Hurriyet Daily News Israel urges Turkey to avert new aid convoy to Gaza. (2011)

New York Times Americans Are Joining Flotilla to Protest Israeli Blockade. (2011)

Toronto Sun 2 NDP MPs support contentious flotilla to Gaza. (2011)

Hurriyet Daily News Israel allows Red Crescent aid into Gaza. (2011)

Anti-Defamation League Background On The 2011 Gaza Flotilla. (2011)

New York Times Building Boom in Gaza’s Ruins Belies Misery That Remains. (2011)

Christian Science Monitor Apparent sabotage against Gaza flotilla. (2011)

International Committee of the Red Cross Gaza: continuous hardship for Gazans after four years of closure. (2011)

CBC News Greece blocks Canadian boat in Gaza flotilla. (2011)

Hurriyet Daily News: Opinion Siege of Gaza. (2011)

The Guardian Gaza flotilla II: This time, Israel took the diplomatic route. (2011)

International Committee of the Red Cross Gaza: a never-ending effort to relieve suffering. (2011)

Al Jazeera Palestinians blame Israel for Gaza blackout. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Gaza: Stop Harassing Activists. (2011)

Washington Post Egyptian military begins closing smuggling tunnels near Gaza. (2011)

News Max Egypt Brotherhood Makes First Visit to Gaza. (2011)

CBC News Canadian, Irish ships bound for Gaza. (2011)

Fox News Israeli Navy Boards 2 Protest Boats Bound for Gaza. (2011)

ABC News Turkish ships won't escort Gaza flotilla: US. (2011)

Christian Science Monitor Eyes on Gaza flotilla, but Gazan activists looking at Hamas. (2011)

Reuters Israeli navy intercepts Gaza-bound boats. (2011)

Common Dreams Life Without Water a Growing Threat in Gaza. (2011)

Haaretz Will 2012 bring another Israeli war against Hamas in Gaza? (2012)

Wikipedia List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2012.

CBC News Israel airstrike hits Gaza targets. (2012)

CNN Gaza music students find smart ways around travel ban. (2012)

Ma'an News Agency Gaza power plant closes again. (2012)

Global Research TV Gaza Flooded After Israel Opens Dam Gates. (2012)

Scoop The Assault on Gaza - 11 March 2012. (2012)

Wikipedia March 2012 Gaza–Israel clashes.

The National Post 75% of Gaza rockets blocked by Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ air-defence system. (2012)

The National Post Israel-Gaza truce takes hold after four days of rocket fire and dozens of Palestinian deaths. (2012)

Consortium News Preparing to ‘Mow the Grass’ in Gaza. (2012)

Human Rights Watch Gaza: Hamas Should Halt Executions. (2012)

CBC News Gaza border clash kills Palestinian militant, Israeli soldier. (2012)

Inter Press Service Gaza Economy Tailored to Fail. (2012)

Human Rights Watch Gaza: Arbitrary Arrests, Torture, Unfair Trials. (2012)

Human Rights Watch Israel/Gaza: Avoid Harm to Civilians. (2012)

Russia Today Decision bombing? Israel's 'election attack' triggers Gaza war spiral. (2012)

The Atlantic: Pictures Rockets Over Israel and Gaza. (2012)

Washington Post As Hamas rockets fly, Israel moves toward ground invasion of Gaza Strip. (2012) Pictures Israel - Gaza conflict. (2012)

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs The humanitarian situation in Gaza. (2012)

Huff Post Israel Gaza Conflict 2012: Live Updates. (2012)

Washington Post: Opinions Why was there war in Gaza? (2012)

Noam Chomsky Palestine 2012 — Gaza and the UN resolution. (2012)

Inter Press Service Gaza Gags Civil Liberties. (2013)

DW How the Gaza Strip blockade came about. (2013)

The Jewish Press The Talibanization of Gaza. (2013)

Global Becoming refugees once more: Palestinians from Syria return to Gaza. (2013)

Inter Press Service Gangnam Style Finds a Tragic Touch in Gaza. (2013)

Al Jazeera Israel launches air raids on Gaza. (2013)

Elder of Ziyon The Suffering children of Gaza - It's just like a concentration camp. (2013)

Christian Science Monitor With Brotherhood's fall in Egypt, Hamas faces Gaza's harsh reality again. (2013)

Reuters Hamas says Egyptian military building buffer zone with Gaza. (2013)

The Other Site Gaza – Slow Death and Collective Punishment. (2013)

Dissident Voice Egypt Joins Israel as Gaza’s Jailer. (2013)

Reuters Israel finds tunnel dug under its Gaza border, blames Hamas. (2013)

The Guardian Gaza chokes as Egypt's economic garotte tightens. (2013)

Reuters Hamas says it's responsible for tunnel under Gaza-Israel border. (2013)

Human Rights Watch World Report: Israel and Palestine. (2014)

Wikipedia 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict. (2014)

IDF Rocket Attacks on Israel From Gaza. (2014)

Occupied Palestine Gaza under attack - photos. (2014)

The Lancet An open letter for the people in Gaza. (2014)

Cryptome Gaza Underground Infrastructure Photos. (2014)

The Telegraph Israel-Gaza conflict in pictures: Fighting continues as UN seeks to broker truce. (2014)

BBC News Gaza-Israel conflict: Is the fighting over? (2014)

The Independent Israel-Gaza conflict: 50-day war by numbers. (2014)

Washington Post Here’s what really happened in the Gaza war (according to the Israelis). (2014)

Vanity Fair Did Israel Avert a Hamas Massacre? (2014)

DW UNRWA: Gaza needs hope and predictability. (2014)

CNN World Rebuilding Gaza could cost $4 billion; reconstruction conference kicks off. (2014)

New York Times Qatar Offers Cash to Pay Some Staff in Gaza Strip. (2014)

Human Rights Watch World Report: Israel and Palestine. (2015)

Global Ministries World Week For Peace in Palestine Israel 2015. (2015)

Foreign Policy Journal Will 2015 Be a Game Changer for the Israel-Palestine Conflict? (2015)

The Guardian Israel killed more Palestinians in 2014 than in any other year since 1967. (2015)

Al Monitor Could Jordan-Palestine confederation be in the cards? (2015)

Al Monitor Will US endorse French UN resolution on Palestinian statehood? (2015)

US News Vatican Recognizes Palestine. (2015)

Go By Stølsvik Vatican Recognizes Palestine. (2015)

Aljazeera Mapping the dead in latest Israeli-Palestinian violence. (2015)

Human Rights Watch World Report: Israel and Palestine. (2016)

Defense of Children International How was 2015 for Palestinian children? (2016)

Huffington Post Palestine 2016 : An Optimistic Outlook. (2016)

The Guardian Israel-Palestine: outlook bleak as wave of violence passes six-month mark. (2016)

BBC News Israel-Palestinian tensions return to boiling point (2016)

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