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Wikipedia Jubaland.

Wikipedia City of Kismayo.

Kismaayo Daily

Star Tribune Somalia creates new state, Azania, latest of at least 10 new administrations recently added. (2011)

The Guardian Kenya develops plan for satellite region of Jubaland on Somali border. (2011)

Somalia Newsroom Jubaland Close to Becoming Somalia’s Next State. (2013)

Relief Web Tensions over the Jubaland process in Somalia could embolden Al-Shabaab. (2013)

Irin News Briefing: Somalia, federalism and Jubaland. (2013)

Ward Heer News Jubaland State of Somalia: A model state to Somalia. (2013)

Reuters Former Islamist warlord elected president of Somali region. (2013)

Hiiraan Onine Two claim to be Jubaland's 'president'. (2013)

Voice of America Leadership Dispute Threatens Stability, Peace in Jubaland. (2013)

The East African Somali Prime Minister disowns Jubaland ‘presidents’. (2013)

International Crisis Group Jubaland in Jeopardy: The Uneasy Path to State-Building in Somalia. (2013)

Digital Journal Somali-Canadians celebrate the birth of Jubaland State. (2013)

All Africa Somalia: Jubaland Forces Clash With Illegal Militia and Al Shabaab in Kismayo. (2013)

Christian Science Monitor Is Kenya birthing a new country named Jubaland? (2013)

Baidoa News Agency - Opinion Jubaland is in danger. (2013)

Africa Review Somali government and Jubaland strike a peace deal. (2013)

Springtime of Nations Blog Jubaland and Puntland Deals May Help Reassemble Fragmented Somalia. (2013)

New Statesman Ethiopia and Kenya help dismember Somalia. (2013)

Sudan Tribune Ethiopia condemns Al-Shabaab’s attack against Jubaland president. (2013)

Garowe Online Ethiopian FM in Mogadishu for Jubaland Reconciliation Conference. (2013)

Somaliland Sun The Jubaland Reconciliation Conference concludes successfully in Mogadishu. (2013)

Daily Nation Jubaland state cleared to rule Southern Somalia. (2014)

CNN iReport African Union-West-backed Jubaland Troops complete training amid to wage offensive against Al-Shabab. (2014)

Puntlandi Jubaland’s Press statement on The death of Sado Ali Warsame. (2014)


Facebook Jubaland Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Jubaland Development Organization



Internet Archive - Book Through Jubaland to the Lorian swamp. (1914)

Time Magazine Foreign News Jubaland. (1924)



Kismayo University



Twitter Jubaland Foreign Ministry's Digital Diplomacy Team.

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