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Encyclopædia Britannica Komi.

Wikipedia: Komi Free encyclopedia information about the Komi Republic.

Russia IC Komi Republic.

The Other Russia Russian Blogger Heads to Court After Fiery Comment. (2008)

Barents Observer Nenets AO wants road connection with Komi Republic. (2008)

Barents Protected Areas Network Eco Days – promoting environmental protection in the Komi Republic. (2013)

Barents Observer Quietly flows the Kolva – an Arctic oil story. (2014)

Moscow Times Governor of Russia's Komi Republic Charged With Fraud. (2015)




WikiTravel Komi.

Russia Trek Komi Republic.

English Russia Russian Stone Idols of Komi. (2008)

Summit Post Gora Narodnaya, "mountain of the people": To whom does the highest peak of the Urals belong? (2010)

Unexplained things are out there Amazing ice and snow formation (Manpupuner pillars). (2012)




Lukoil Komi Republic.

Invest in Regions Komi Republic.

Patchwork Barents Komi Republic.

Komitex Leading producer of non-woven fabrics.

Professional Pilots Rumours Network Tu 154 emergency landing at Izhma, Komi. (2005)

CBC News Russia, world's worst oil polluter, now drilling in Arctic. (2012)

Oil of Russia Komi's heavy oil. (2012)

Reuters Fitch Revises Republic of Komi's Outlook to Negative; Affirms at 'BB+'. (2014)

Northern Dimension Scientific research utilized in the development of the Komi Republic. (2016)




Komi National Library in Syktyvkar.

National Museum of the Republic of Komi

National Gallery of the Komi Republic

Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples Komis or Zyryans.

Ethnologue Komi-Zyrian Language.

Komi Zyrians Traditional Culture

Sputnick News Images: Icon-washing in Komi Republic. (2012)




Ukhta State Technical Unviersity in Ukhta, Komi.



Komi Republic Official portal.

President of Russia Working meeting with Komi Republic Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer. (2013)




Greenpeace Campaign The Virgin Komi Forests.

Silver Taiga Forest projects in Komi promoted by the Government of Switzerland.

Natural Heritage Protection Fund The Virgin Komi Forests.

International Model Forest Network Komi Model Forest.

FSC-Watch 'Non-existent' indigenous people challenge WWF's certified 'model' forest project, Komi, Russia. (2007)

FORDAQ: The Timber Network Woodway Group launches glue-laminated project in Komi. (2008)

English Russia The fire challenge of the Komi Republic. (2011)




You Tube Komi Republic.

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