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You Tube Tourism in Kurdistan 2010.

Facebook Kurdistan Adventures.

Slate Iraqi Kurdistan, Vacation Paradise? (2011)

The Washington Post Kurdistan: the other Iraq. (2011)

The New Yorker From Kurdistan to New York. (2013)

Sidetracked Climbing in Iraq. (2013)

Travel and Leisure Iraqi Kurdistan: Open for Travelers. (2014)

Business Insider 14 Beautiful Photos Of Erbil, The Capital Of Iraqi Kurdistan That ISIS Is Targeting. (2014)




Kurdistan Careers Leading recruitment and training fair in the country.

NYDinar Exchange bureau to obtain Iraqi Dinar money which is used in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Corruption in Kurdistan Blog.

Annual Kurdistan Iraq Oil & Gas Conference

Digital Production Zain Iraq to start operations in Kurdistan in 2011. (2011)

Bloomberg Hess, Petroceltic to Explore Two Iraqi Fields in Kurdistan. (2011)

The Guardian Tony Hayward in line for multimillion windfall after Iraq oil deal. (2011)

The New York Times Iraq Criticizes Exxon Mobil on Kurdistan Oil Pursuits. (2011)

Common Dreams Battle Looms Between US Oil Giant and Iraq. (2011)

The Guardian Britain steps into row over oil contracts in Kurdistan. (2011)

Reuters Iraq says to act against Exxon over Kurd deal. (2011

Reuters Total close to securing Kurdistan oil rights - report. (2012)

Bloomberg Kurdistan Says Iraq Must Investigate Missing Crude Exports. (2012)

Dawn Kurdistan’s oil standoff. (2012)

Bloomberg Hayward Says Completed Pipeline Turning Point for Kurdistan. (2013)

DW Iraqi Kurdistan's boom laced with pitfalls. (2013)

The Guardian Golden oil of Iraqi Kurdistan raises tensions with Baghdad. (2013)

Bloomberg Businessweek Kurdistan's Oil Ambitions. (2013)

Reuters Iraqi Kurds export first heavy oil to global market. (2013)

Bloomberg Oil Odyssey Offers Glimpse of Kurdish Independence in Iraq. (2014)




The International School of Choueifat-Erbil Located in Erbil.

British International Schools in Kurdistan

Kurdistan Geology




The Kurds of Iraq A Book.

Eribilia Ultimate online digital magazine in Erbil (Hawler) Kurdistan. Business news, travel, hotels, spa, fitness, sports, events, shopping, offers, entertainment, art, music, and more.

Facebook Miss Kurdistan TV Show.

Huff Post Shene Aziz Ako Crowned Miss Kurdistan 2012. (2012)

The Guardian FGM: 'It's like neutering animals' – the film that is changing Kurdistan. (2013)

Al Arabiya Iraqi Kurds crown Miss Kurdistan. (2013)




Kurdistan Regional Government

Ministry of Planning - Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region Presidency Articles.

McClatchy U.S. opens Kurdistan consulate as Marriott announces hotel. (2011)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Iraqi Kurdistan: 2013 Legislative Elections.

Al Monitor PUK Falls to Third Place In Iraqi Kurdistan Elections. (2013)

Wikipedia Iraqi Kurdistan parliamentary election. (2013)

Rudaw Iraqi Kurdistan election results. (2013)

Musings on Iraq Complete 2013 Kurdistan Regional Government Election Results. (2013)

Rudaw Iraqi Kurdistan Provincial election results. (2014)




Wikipedia: Iraqi Kurdistan

Wikipedia: Erbil Capital City.

Kurdistan Commentary News, information, and reviews on Kurdish issues in Kurdistan, the Middle East and beyond.

Committee to Protect Journalists Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Tribune

Kurdish Globe News The first and only newspaper in Erbil.

Kurd Net News and information.

Kurdistan Food Security Blog.

Urban regeneration in Kurdistan Blog.

The Globe and Mail Kurdistan: A lot of oil, a lot of risk. (2009)

Anti War Iraq Protests Spread to Kurdistan. (2011)

Commentary Magazine Saddam in Kurdistan. (2011)

Reuters Special Report: Risk, reward and Kurdistani oil. (2011)

Ranj Alaaldin Kurdistan comes alive. (2011)

Mother Jones Return to Kurdistan. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Iraqi Kurdistan: Growing Effort to Silence Media. (2011)

Space War No post-2011 US bases in Iraqi Kurdistan: official. (2011)

The New York Times Fate of a U.S. Base Heightens Tensions in Iraq’s Contested North. (2011)

CNN Global Public Square Bakshi: Interview with Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan. (2011)

Reuters Analysis: Exxon Kurdistan foray tests Iraq's centralist resolve. (2011)

Committee to Protect Journalists In Iraqi Kurdistan, riots lead to press freedom abuses. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Iran/Turkey: Recent Attacks on Civilians in Iraqi Kurdistan. (2011)

The New Republic Iraqi Kurdistan Is Booming. Will It Ever Be a Separate State? (2011)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Iraqi Kurdistan: New Opportunities In 2012. (2012)

Commentary Magazine Will Scandals Destabilize Kurdistan? (2012)

Workers Liberty Campaign against suppression of Freedom of Expression in Kurdistan. (2012)

Dinar Recap Syrian Kurds find refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. (2012)

Dawn Women’s rights law no match for Kurdistan tradition. (2012)

Human Rights Watch Iraqi Kurdistan: Free Speech Under Attack. (2013)

Al Jazeera Iraqi Kurdistan: Oil, politics and power. (2013)

Commentary Magazine Telling the Truth About Iraqi Kurdistan. (2013)

Al Monitor Iraqi Kurdistan Elections Could Be Turning Point. (2013)

The New York Times Syrian Kurds Find More Than a Refuge in Northern Iraq. (2013)

Anti-War Kurdistan Election Violence Turns Deadly; 18 Killed Across Iraq. (2013)

Reuters Iraqi Kurds vote as oil-rich region seeks greater autonomy. (2013)

BBC News Iraq's Kurds focus on autonomy. (2013)

BBC News Iraqi Kurdistan opposition party beats PUK in elections. (2013)

Council on Foreign Relations Kurdistan: Just Being Independent. (2013)

Committee to Protect Journalists Mountain of impunity looms over Kurdistan journalists. (2014)

Pass Blue In Kurdistan and Beyond, Honor Killings Remind Women They Are Worthless. (2014)

The Economist Why are so many Kurdish women setting themselves on fire? (2014)

International Business Times Safe Haven From ISIS: Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, Keeps Jihadists Out, Refugees In. (2014)

Ottomans and Zionists Blog Time For Turkey To Support An Independent Iraqi Kurdistan. (2014)

Al Jazeera Iraq's Kurds rule out giving up Kirkuk. (2014)

DW Kurds struggle to unify against ISIS. (2014)

Al Arabiya Iranian forces arrive in Iraq’s Kurdistan to protect shrines. (2014)

International Policy Digest Iraq’s Instability offers Kurdistan an Opening for Independence. (2014)

The Wire Maliki Sends Iraqi Air Force to Help Kurds Combat ISIS. (2014)

CNN World Official: Kurdish forces fend off ISIS fighters, hold Mosul Dam. (2014)

FDL Kurds Flood Into Iraq From Turkey And Syria To Protect Kurdistan From ISIS Forces. (2014)

Reuters Islamic State surges in North Iraq, near Kurdistan border. (2014)

The Guardian US to directly arm Kurdish peshmerga forces in bid to thwart Isis offensive. (2014)

The Guardian UK steps up role in Iraq with move to aid Kurds and Yazidis against Isis. (2014)

BBC News Iraq crisis: International boost to arms and aid supply. (2014)

The Daily Beast Why Iran Fears Iraq's Kurds. (2014)

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