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Official webpage of the Democratic Republic of Korea Pyongyang.

Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Pyongyang.

US State Department US Relations with North Korea.

US Department of Treasury North Korean sanctions.

Embassy World Embassy Listings For North Korea.




Korea Central News Agency

BBC News North Korea profile.Encyclopædia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica North Korea.

Wikipedia North Korea.

CIA World Factbook North Korea.

38 North Informed analysis of events in and around North Korea by the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

United Nations Human Rights Office North Korea section.

Abduction of Japanese Citizens by North Korea Secretariat of the Headquarters for the Abduction Issue, Tokyo.

Federation of American Scientists Status of North Korea's nuclear weapons program as of 2006.

Global Security North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Liberty in North Korea Advocacy group based in California.


US Department of State North Korea Travel Warning.

Gov UK North Korea and the UK.

Lonely Planet North Korea.

WikiTravel North Korea.

Wandering Earl What it's like to travel to North Korea. (2013)



North Korea Tech Covering and collecting information regarding the state of information technology and related industry in North Korea.




Wikipedia Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.




Korea Education Fund A non-profit, non-government organization registrared as a legal body in education in the Democratic Republic of Korea.




World Stadiums Stadiums in North Korea.




Daily NK News and issues regarding North Korea. Based in Seoul.

North Korea Times Based in Sydney, Australia.

NK News An independent, privately owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

New York Times North Korea.

The Guardian North Korea.

Reuters North Korea.

CBS News North Korea Tensions.

Public Radio International North Korea.

Huffpost North Korea.

The Telegraph North Korea.

VOX Media North Korea.

Radio Free Asia North Korea.

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