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WikiTravel Transnistria.

The Telegraph Travel Section Transnistria pictures.

Transnistria Tour Travel Agency

Travel Blog Transnistria's corrupt border guards. (2008)

Idle Words A visit to Transnistria. (2009)

The Velvet Rocket Visiting Transnistria: Tiraspol. (2011)

The Velvet Rocket Visiting Transnistria: Bendery. (2011)

The Blonde Gypsy Traveling to Tiraspol, Transnistria via Train from Odessa, Ukraine. (2012)

Matador Trips A first-timer’s guide to Transnistria in photos. (2012)

Jewish Philanthrophy A Visit to Transnistria. (2012)

Lonely Planet Transnistrian border issues. (2012)

Wandering Earl My visit to the Breakaway Territory of Transnistria. (2012)

Yomadic Transnistria – Brides and Bribes in Eastern Europe’s Breakaway Territory. (2013)

The Bohemian Blog Dark Tourism: The Last of the USSR, Transnistria. (2013)

121 Degrees Two days in Transistria. (2013)

Rearview Mirror Guide to Visiting Transnistria. (2013)

Slate A bus trip into the pro-Russian breakaway region that doesn’t officially exist. (2014)

The Bohemian Blog Welcome to No Man’s Land: Urban Exploration in Transnistria. (2014)




Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms Transnistria: Conflicts and Pragmatism of the Economy. (2006)

Fresh Plaza Transnistria to supply processed vegetables to Russia and Israel. (2012)

OSW An aided economy. The characteristics of the Transnistrian economic model. (2013) Transnistria to issue plastic coins. (2014)

OSW Transnistria's financial problems. (2014)




You Tube Transnistria.

The Telegraph: Picture Gallery Welcome to Transnistria: a Soviet breakaway territory in Eastern Europe.




Constitutional Court of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic.

State Customs Committee

Trans-Dniester Republican Bank Issuer of Transdniestria money.

Wikipedia Politics in Transnistria.

Wikipedia Transnistrian legislative election. (2010)

Wikipedia Transnistrian presidential election, 2011.

Jamestown Foundation Moscow Strives to Diminish Its Foreign Protectorates to the Level of the Russian Regions. (2012)

Freedom House Transnistria 2019.




BBC News: Country Profiles Trans-Dniester.

Wikipedia Encyclopedic information about Transnistria.

Black Sea News Transnistria.

The Black Hole of Europe Gets it's own Blog

Global United States Disappointed by Latest Transnistria Conflict Talks. (2005)

Global Refusal To Compromise Dragging Out Transnistria Talks, U.S. Says. (2006)

World Politics Review Unrecognized Danger in Transnistria. (2006)

Armenian News Kosovo decision to be precedent for Transnistria. (2007)

WikiNews Moldovan president tells NATO over half a million Moldovans held hostage in separatist Transnistria. (2008)

Pan Armenian News Chisinau suggested wide-ranging rights of self-rule for Transnistria. (2008) Transnistria Suffers From Stalemate. (2008)

Jamestown Foundation Voronin-Medvedev Accord Demolishes Moldova's Negotiating Position on Transnistria. (2009)

Jamestown Foundation Moscow, Tiraspol Sidelining the West From Negotiations on Transnistria Conflict. (2009)

Moldova.azi Tiraspol separatists intimidating voters in Transnistria - Promo-Lex. (2009)

Moldova.azi Zhirinovsky thinks Russia should recognize the independence of Transnistria. (2009)

Jamestown Foundation Negotiations on the Transnistria Conflict in a Deep Freeze. (2009)

Jamestown Foundation Transnistria Remains the Only Really "Frozen" Conflict. (2010)

Voltaire Facing Romania, Transnistria is willing to host the Russian anti-missle system. (2010)

Moldova Azi Ukraine fears of Russian radio and TV broadcasting centre in Transnistria. (2010)

Oregon Live Three Lake Oswego firefighters to train rescuers in Transnistria. (2010)

Jamestown Foundation Medvedev Deflects Merkel-Sarkozy Proposal on Transnistria at Deauville Summit. (2010)

Hurriyet Daily News Separatist Moldovan region looks to Russia, not EU. (2011)

Jamestown Foundation Moscow, Tiraspol Raise Preconditions To Negotiations On Transnistria Conflict. (2011)

Reporters Without Borders Transnistrian journalist gets presidential pardon in return for televised confession. (2011)

Jeremy Curl News The Party Isn’t Over: How the old ways of oppressive Communism are still alive and kicking in the break-away state Transnistria. (2011)

Intelligence Quarterly German Initiatives Favor Russia On Transnistria Talks. (2011)

The World Race Living in Make Believe Land. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Moldovan Envoy Says Transdniester Should Be 'Raised Up' In U.S.-Russia Relations. (2011)

DW-World US concerns over nuclear smuggling between Europe, North Africa. (2011)

United Press International Moldova-Transdniestria talks to resume. (2011)

Siberian Light Transnistria leader’s daughter in law barred from standing in Russian Duma election. (2011)

Press Europ Stooges’ ballot in Tiraspol. (2011)

Wall Street Journal A Democratic Chance in a Post-Soviet Holdout. (2011)

The Economist Transdniestria's election shock. (2011)

The Economist Transdniestria's election, round two. (2011)

Osservatorio Transnistria, wind of change with the new president? (2012)

Novinite Russia to Deploy Missile Defense Radar in Transnistria. (2012)

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace "Frozen" Transnistria Conflict Begins To Thaw. (2012)

DW Quiet diplomacy to solve the Transnistria conflict. (2012)

Free Republic Russian Military Developments in Transnistria Worry Moldovan Officials. (2012)

Jamestown Foundation Russia’s Aggressive Policies in Transnistria Reveal Severe Limitations of EU’s Approach to Conflict Resolution. (2012)

Freedom House Transnistria (2013)

Press Europ Tensions rise along the River Dniester. (2013)

Global Voices Tensions Grow at Moldova-Transnistria Security Zone. (2013)

Ari Rusila's Balkan Blog Confrontation Between Transnistria and Moldova Deepening. (2013)

Strategic Culture Foundation Transnistria: Accidental Sparks May Flare Smouldering Conflicts. (2013)

Carnegie Europe Negotiation Gone Bad: Russia, Germany, and Crossed Communications. (2013)

Euro Activ Russia threatens Moldova over its EU relations. (2013)

Global Post Transnistria: Russia’s beachhead in Europe. (2013)

Business Insider This Unofficial Country Never Got The Memo That The Soviet Union Collapsed. (2013)

Wall Street Journal Talks On Transnistria Come To Brussels, But Where Next? (2013)

Fidh Torture and ill-treatment in Moldova including Transnistria : Impunity prevails. (2013)

European Dialogue Transnistria: Time to make a choice. (2013)

Freedom House Transnistria (2014)

EuroActiv Moldova: EU Commission clarifies intentions about Transnistria. (2014)

Christian Science Monitor Is Transnistria the ghost of Crimea's future? (2014)

Al Jaazeera Transnistria: Europe's other Crimea. (2014)

Reuters Moldova tells Russia: don't eye annexation here. (2014)

The Japan Times Russia stages exercises in breakaway Transnistria. (2014)

DW Soviet cult and pragmatism in Transnistria. (2014)

Oriental Review Future of Transnistria in context of Ukrainian crisis. (2014)

CNN World To Russia with love? Transnistria, a territory caught in a time warp. (2014)

The New York Times Moldova, the Next Ukraine. (2014)

Spiegel Online Soviet Yearnings: Hopes Rise in Transnistria of a Russian Annexation. (2014)

The World Reporter Transnistria: The Meltdown of a Frozen Conflict? (2014)

LSE Power politics on the outskirts of the EU: why Transnistria matters. (2014)

The Guardian Dorotcaia: the Moldova village caught between Russia and Europe. (2014)

EuroActiv Russia defies Moldova’s EU pact by boosting Transnistria trade. (2014)

Eurasian Geopolitics Transnistria: A bridge too far for the Kremlin? (2014)

Zik TransNistria to become part of Russia like Crimea: Russian official. (2014)



Wikipedia History of Transnistria.

Antiwar Why should the people of Transnistria be forced to use the Roman alphabet?

The Nizkor Project History and Voices of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria.

Holocaust Rememberance Project The Killings in Transnistria.

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