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Bryan Strome, Bachelor of Arts: Geography - Webmaster of Search Engine Colossus

September, 2019: Please recognize that Search Engine Colossus is now a veritable museum piece functioning on ancient html code produced by a publishing program which I "own" rather than making lifetime monthly payments for an up-to-date program. Search Engine Colossus represents what the internet could have been, free market in the realm of search rather the current, de facto, Google monopoly. The website has always been highly specialized in listing only search engines and used to list an incredible 4000 of them (a large portion of which of now gone out of business thence you now get numerous countries and territories with no search engines of their own). Many prominent websites today got their start going through Colossus and submitting to the search engines listed. The website now has no income and can be regarded as a hobby website. You may bemused to know that Colossus has always been a one person operation and that person is now a Senior Citizen who doesn't own a smart phone. As such, the site faced limitations in adaption and development. Nevertheless, between 2001 and 2009, it was consistently in Google's first page of results for keywords "search engines" before it was penalized in 2009 (thence the NO FOLLOW LINKS). Through all the years, 8 million people have visited Search Engine Colossus. I can tell you that about the year 2000, someone made a submission for Google to be listed on Search Engine Colossus and know that I have faithfully maintained their link for 19 years.... Predictable current reality: Search Engine Colossus doesn't even show up in Google's results for keywords "search engines"anymore nor does my other historically based Native American website, First Nations Seeker show up for keywords "first nations"....which it had for 12 years. Still, there seems to be hundreds of you out there still visiting the site! Enjoy! --- Bryan

Search Engine Colossus originates from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Contact: Bryan Strome