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Georgian Travel Guide Adjara.

Lonely Planet Introducing Adjara.

Go Batumi Official Visitors Guide.

Trip Advisor “Surprisingly good and safe” Review of Batumi.

Travel Images Images of Adjara.

Trip Advisor Things to do in Batumi.

Adjara Tour Based in Batumi.

The Messenger Online Adjara reports 30 percent increase in tourists. (2008)

The Messenger Online Adjara – Pearl of Georgia’s seaside. (2010)

Nanusi Adjara Expecting 1,800,000 Tourists in 2012. (2012)

Hvino Tour News Tourism is top priority for Adjara's government. (2012)

Georgia Travel Tour Adjara overview. (2013)




RefWorld Restoration of Aziz Mosque in Adjara Reignites Debate Over Ottoman Legacy in Georgia. (2016)




You Tube Adjara.




Wikipedia: Adjara Free encyclopedia information about the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

Wikipedia: Batumi Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of Batumi.

BBC News: Country Profiles Adjara.

Wikipedia History of Adjara.

Wikipedia 2004 Adjara crisis.

Solomon Ternaleli Encouraged sex-tourism in Gonio. (2012)

Radio Free Europe Locals Helpless As Sex Tourism Hits Georgian Black Sea Village. (2012)

Pan Armenian Georgia fears Turkey can seize Adjara. (2012)

Pan Armenian Adjara: another fake project of Saakashvili. (2012)

The Messenger Online Adjara Supreme Council holds inaugural session. (2012)

Transparency International NGO appeal to the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. (2013) Georgian president: We took away Adjara and Javakheti before Russia's face. (2014)

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information Training of Journalists and Activists from Adjara Region. (2019) 27 centenarians live in Georgia’s Black Sea region of Adjara. (2020)




Batumi Oil Terminal

Adjara Group A leading Georgian company in hospitality, lifestyle development and agropreneurship! Kazakh Investors Launch Privatization of Hotels in Adjara. (2006)

World Investment News Interview with Temur Diasamidze, Head of the Tourism Department of Adjara. (2006)

Transparency International Who has bought property for GEL 1 in Adjara? (2012)

Messenger Online Adjara to receive serious investments. (2013)




Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara - News

Wikipedia: Archil Khabadze Former Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. 2012 to 2016.

Self Governmental Council of Batumi

Wikipedia Adjara Legislative election, 2012.

US Embassy Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s first visit to Adjara Region. (2020)

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