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Encyclopaedia Britannica Ascension Island.

Wikipedia Ascension Island.

David Mitchell Ascension Island and the Second World War.

Naval History Battle Atlas of the Falklands War 1982 - British Forces Support Unit, Ascension Island.

The Guardian Ascension Island. Barren, 4,044 miles from Land's End, but ours says the Foreign Office. (2008)

BBC News UK makes Atlantic sea bed claim. (2008)

The Guardian US and UK accused of 'squeezing life out of' Ascension Island. (2013)

National Geographic Mysterious Island Experiment Could Help Us Colonize Other Planets. (2017)

US Air Force Ascension Island's hydroponics lab is revitalizing life on the volcanic island. (2019)



Trip Report Introducing Ascension Island.

Trip Advisor Ascension Island.

Wiki Travel Ascension.

Facebook Big Game fishing for grander Blue Marlin on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.

Peter Smith photo story Ascension Island.

British Antarctic Survey Virtual Trip to Antactica : Ascension Island.

Holland America Line Captain's Log - Ascension Island. (2013)

Sailing by on Sal Darago St. Helena to Ascension Island. (2013)

Algae Group Expeditions Ascension Island’s Heat and Sea Turtles. (2013)

Clean Cruising Cruises visiting Ascension Island & all Ascension Island cruises for 2014-2015. (2014)

Huffpost Travel This Remote Island Is Really, Really, Really Far Away From Where You Are Right Now. (2014)

Travel Tour Guide Georgetown and the other villages on Ascension Island. (2015)

Wonderlust 5 reasons you must visit Ascension Island. (2020)

Oceanwide Expeditions The Overlooked Treasures of Ascension Island. (2020)




Army Ornithological Society Ascension Island.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Ascension Island Ocean Sanctuary.

BRAHMS Ascension Island plants.

Facebook Ascension Island Conservation.

UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum Ascension Island.

The Economist Like Easter Island, Ascension Island has lessons for the planet—cheerful ones. (2010)

BBC News Science and Environment Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle. (2010)

Yale University - Environment 360 On a Remote Island, Lessons In How Ecosystems Function. (2013)

You Tube Ascension Island - wildlife and heritage. (2016)

National Geographic Expeditions Ascension. (2017)

PEW Protections for Ascension Island, the Crossroads of the Atlantic. (2019)




British Empire 1855 map of Ascension Island Ascension Island Genealogy.

Wideawake Engineers Americans on Ascension Island in World War II.

NASA Visible Earth Ascension Island.

Google Maps Ascension Island.

Parcel Force Send a parcel to: Ascension Island.

The Aviation Herald Incident: Delta B772 over Atlantic on Jan 9th 2013, engine trouble. (2013)

Merco Press Ascension Island airport to reopen to wide-body traffic by 2022. (2020)





Ascension Island Government

Ascension Island Government Twitter Account.

UK Government Ascension Island travel advice.

Ascension Island E-Visa application

RAF Ascension Island

United Nations Environment Programme No fishing allowed in Ascension Island’s new marine protected area.




NASA Earth Observatory Ascension Island from space.

British Geological Survey Ascension Island Magnetic Observatory.

Honeysuckle Creek Ascension Island Tracking Station.

Encompass Spotlight on Ascension Island. (2020)

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