Search Engine Listing Examples

A better way to explore the internet! /clean index [spider] (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada)

"Linkopedia" is the name of the search engine service and you click it to transfer to the search engine online. English is the written language used in the search engine. A short description of the service is provided. "/clean index" indicates that the search engine has prohibited pornography sites in it's listings. [spider] indicates that listings are gathered via spider-robot, not by human power. Finally, the point of origin of the search service is listed in italics.



Sweden and global web search! [spindel] (Stockholm)

When a search engine uses a language other than English, the native name for the language is used rather than the English name. Similiarily, the native word for "spider" is used. In this instance:

Svensk [spindel] = Swedish [spider]

Here are some other examples of native versus English names for languages:

Français = French; Deutsch = German; Italiano = Italian; Português = Portuguese; Russkij = Russian; Dansk = Danish; Norsk = Norwegian; Hanyu (Big 5) = Chinese (Big Type version); Latviskâ = Latvian; Türkçe = Turkish; Slovencina = Slovakian; Slovenscina = Slovenian; Ukrainski = Ukrainian.