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Prime Minister of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic WIKIPEDIA



BUSINESS Iranian gas exports to NakhIchevan to increase. (2007)

Asbarez Turkey Seeks to Boost Investment in Nakhichevan. (2010)




Encyclopedia Britannica NakhIchevan.

Wikipedia: Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Free encyclopedia information about the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

New World Encyclopedia NakhIchevan.

Wikipedia: Nakhichevan City Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

Djulfa Blog Nakhichevan: Azeri journalist told “never come back”. (2009)

Forum 18 Nakhichevan authorities crack down on Ashura commemorations. (2010)

Worldwide Religious News "No trial – they were just held". (2010)

Asbarez Turkey to ‘Guarantee’ Azeri Control of Nakhichevan. (2010)

Radio Free Europe Turkey Publicly Stresses Its Obligations To Defend Naxcivan. (2010)

PanArmenian Vladimir Zakharov: new military base of Turkey to be stationed in Nakhichevan. (2010) On Turkey’s challenge to Russia’s “Caucasian triumph”. (2010)

The Free Library Turkey will never leave Nakhichevan alone. (2010) Nakhichevan the future Dubai of the South Caucasus? (2010)

IRNA Iran, Nakhichevan study expansion of mutual relations. (2013)

Panorama Member of Public Chamber of Azerbaijan was beaten in Nakhichevan for call for peace with Armenians. (2013)

Panorama Iranian analyst: Azerbaijan does everything possible to reduce Nakhichevan’s dependence on Iran. (2013)

Azbarez Two Soldiers Shot Near Nakhichevan. (2013)

Hans Thoolen on Human Rights Defenders Nakhichevan threaten local human rights defenders with physical reprisal. (2013)

Asbarez 2 Armenian Soldiers Killed on Nakhichevan Border. (2014)

Gagrule Armenian troops have taken control of several positions in Nakhichevan. (2014)

Belling Cat Azerbaijan’s Militarization and the Status of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. (2017)

Civil Net Nakhichevan Remains the Quietest Stretch of Armenian-Azerbaijani Frontline. (2018)

Modern Diplomacy Military-political events in and around Nakhichevan. (2018)

Asbarez Yerevan Debunks Baku’s Claims of Advances at Nakhichevan Border. (2018)

Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst Azerbaijan's Advances Around Nakhichevan. (2018)

Stack Exchange Does Azerbaijan have overland access to Nakhichevan? (2018)

Civilnet Azerbaijan makes a move in Nakhichevan amid change of guard in Armenia. (2018)

Armenian Weekly Descending Upon Nakhichevan. (2019)

Railly News T129 Attack Helicopter in Nakhichevan for Exercise. (2020)

TASS Armenian PM says Turkish high-ranking army officers are in Azerbaijan. (2020)




Wikipedia: Azerbaijani Language

Library of Congress Nakhichevan Topographic map.

Nakhichevan - Momina Hatun Mausoleum 360 Degree Tour.

BBC News Azerbaijan: Local 'khan' in tights and internet ban. (2013)




You Tube Nakhichevan.

Shutter Stock Nakhichevan images.

Wikipedia Nakhichevan Khanate.

UNAFF The Last Kankan of Nakhchivan.

Philatelic Webmasters Organization Azerbaijan - Illegal Issues of Postage Stamps.

Facebook Nakhichevan cars.




Wikipedia Nakhichevan International Airport.

Trip Advisor Nakhichevan.

Izi Travel Audio Tour Nakhichevan City: colorful and comfortable.

Eternal Travel Nakhchivan Travel Guide: What to Do in Azerbaijan’s Peculiar Landlocked Exclave.

The Family Without Borders -The Travelling Family Nakhichevan? Where? (2010)

Islamic Republic News Agency Iranian tourists can get Nakhichevan visa at border. (2014)

BBC Travel Nakhchivan: The world’s most sustainable ‘nation’? (2020)

Bucketlisty Blog The Ultimate Backpacking Guide to Nakhchivan. (2020)




Wikipedia Armenians in Nakhchivan.

Facebook Nakhichevan belongs to Armenia.

Archaeological Institute of America Tragedy on the Araxes.

Armeniapedia Famous Medieval Cemetary Vanishes.

Armeniapedia Hin Jugha Cemetary.

Wikipedia Armenian Cemetery in Jugha.

Armeniapedia Agulis Town.

Djulfa Blog

The Armenian Weekly Visit to Nakhichevan Shows Why Armenians Can Never Again Live Under Azeri Rule. (2011)

The Armenian Weekly The Last of the Armenians: A Treasure Hunt in Villages Near Diyarbakir. (2011)

Foreign Policy Journal Is Western Condemnation of Cultural Destruction Reserved Exclusively for Enemies? (2012)

Hyperallergic A Regime Conceals Its Erasure of Indigenous Armenian Culture. (2019)

The Guardian Monumental loss: Azerbaijan and 'the worst cultural genocide of the 21st century'. (2019)

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