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You Tube South Ossetia.




Young Pioneer Tours 5 reasons to visit South Ossetia.

Soviet Tours South Ossetia. Based in Berlin.

Carvanistan South Ossetia border crossings.

WikiTravel South Ossetia.



Wikipedia: Ossetians

Wikipedia: Ossetic Language




TeleGeography Russia inks telecoms cooperation pact with South Ossetia; MegaFon launches 3G through Ostelekom. (2011)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Russia to invest $85 million in South Ossetia in 2014. (2013)




Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of South Ossetia.

Wikipedia South Ossetian Parliamentary election, 2009.

Wikipedia South Ossetian Parliamentary election, 2011.

Wikipedia: Eduard Kokoity Free encyclopedia information about Eduard Kokoity, the President of the Republic of South Ossetia from 2001 to 2011.

Wikipedia South Ossetian Presidential election, 2012.

Jamestown Foundation Moscow Strives to Diminish Its Foreign Protectorates to the Level of the Russian Regions. (2012)




Encyclopedia Britannica South Ossetia.

BBC News: Country Profiles South Ossetia.

Wikipedia: South Ossetia Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of South Ossetia.

Wikipedia: Tskhinvali Free encyclopedia information about Tskhinvali, the Capitial City of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Wikpedia History of Georgian-Ossetian conflict 1918 to present time.

Wikipedia 1991 - 1992 South Ossetia War.

Global Voices Online South Ossetia Crisis 2008.

Wikipedia 2008 Russia Georgia War.

Wikipedia Battle of Tskhinvali.

Freedom House South Ossetia.

Caucasian Knot News South Ossetia.

JAM News South Ossetia.

The Other Russia South Ossetia news stories South Ossetia News

Radio Free Europe Georgia: South Ossetia Seeks To Contain Opposition Challenge. (2006)

Radio Free Europe Russia: Ossetia Pipeline Adds Fuel To The Georgia Fire. (2006)

Radio Free Europe Georgia: Foreign Minister Hails South Ossetia 'Breakthrough'. (2007)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Russia Supports Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (2008)

Radio Free Europe Four Georgian Soldiers Being Held In South Ossetia. (2008)

The Guardian The tussle for South Ossetia. (2008)

WikiNews South Ossetia says it will join North Ossetia-Alania as a federal subject of Russia. (2008)

Novinite Russia President Appoints Ambassadors to Abkhazia, South Ossetia. (2008)

BBC Radio World Service (Broadcast) Did Georgia commit crimes in South Ossetia? (2008)

LA Times Georgia's shameful attack on South Ossetia. (2008)

RTE News South Ossetia: Resolving the conflict. (2008)

Global Research South Ossetia says Georgia building new firing positions near border. (2009)

New York Times Disrepair in South Ossetia Dims Hopes After Georgia War. (2009)

Euronews South Ossetia votes in parliamentary poll. (2009)

Radio Free Europe Georgia, South Ossetia Trade Shelling Accusations. (2009)

New York Times South Ossetia Tries to Disarm Its Citizens. (2009)

Radio Free Europe Georgian Journalist Asks For Asylum In South Ossetia. (2009)

Euronews Chavez recognises Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (2009)

Spiegel Online EU Report: Independent Experts Blame Georgia for South Ossetia War. (2009)

New York Times South Ossetians Warn Against Rearming Georgia. (2010)

Ref World South Ossetia to introduce new passports. (2010)

Russia Today South Ossetia mulls over non-use of force pact with Georgia. (2010)

Human Rights Watch South Ossetia: Activist Brutally Assaulted. (2010)

Euro News Georgia-South Ossetia war: two years on. (2010)

Jamestown Foundation Blog Is Russia Decoupling South Ossetia and Abkhazia? (2010)

Pravda Ukraine's dumb shadow over war in South Ossetia. (2010)

Radio Free Europe Georgia Says Russia Deployed S-300 Missiles In South Ossetia. (2010)

PanArmenian Armenian and Russian citizens are in Tbilisi prison for visiting Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (2010)

Russia Today Russia withdraws checkpoint as South Ossetia “finally determines” border. (2010)

The Guardian WikiLeaks cables claim Russia armed Georgian separatists. (2010)

World Socialist Web Site WikiLeaks exposes US cover-up of Georgian attack on South Ossetia. (2010)

The Messenger Online Georgian citizens detained in de facto South Ossetia. (2010)

Army Recognition Russian tactical missiles SS-21 Scarab Totchka-U temporarily deployed in South Ossetia. (2011)

The Economist The Russia-Georgia conflict - Going nowhere fast. (2011)

United Press International Troubling brewing in South Ossetia? (2011)

Refworld Georgia/South Ossetia/Russia: process of clarifying fate of missing people continues. (2011)

International Committee of the Red Cross Central and western Georgia/South Ossetia: three years after the conflict. (2011)

New York Times: Opinion The Phantom Menace. (2011)

The Messenger Online Russia backs Bibilov for de facto South Ossetia presidency. (2011)

Penza News South Ossetia can be developed as an independent state. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Abkhazia, South Ossetia Alarmed By Russia-Georgia WTO Compromise. (2011)

Russia Today South Ossetia elects president in first poll since war. (2011)

Euronews Disputed election in South Ossetia. (2011) Kremlin candidate losing in South Ossetia election. (2011)

Radio Free Europe South Ossetia Court Annuls Second Round Of Presidential Voting (2011)

New York Times Political Standoff Escalates in South Ossetia Over Vote. (2011)

Euronews Court throws out election results in South Ossetia. (2011)

BBC News South Ossetia unrest after election result is annulled. (2011)

The Guardian Rally for South Ossetia presidential 'winner' met by gunfire from troops. (2011)

Jamestown Foundation As Elections in South Ossetia Go Awry, Moscow’s Credibility Is Undermined. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Main Opposition Candidates Barred From South Ossetian Presidential Ballot. (2011)

American Enterprise Institute South Ossetia elections show Russia’s clout waning. (2011)

United Press International South Ossetia set for political shake-up. (2011)

United Press International Political shake-up in South Ossetia. (2011)

Taklama South Ossetia’s post-election struggle refocuses on March rerun. (2011)

Geopolitika Russia’s image in South Ossetia. (2012)

Russia Beyond the Headlines As South Ossetia votes, an election controversy. Elected president confined to hospital bed. (2012)

Democracy and Freedom Watch South Ossetia to go to the polls again. (2012)

Russia Today Putin pledges constant help to new South Ossetia president who was elected in April. (2012) South Ossetia - No Turning Back. (2012)

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities warns against demolishing ethnic-Georgian villages in South Ossetia. (2012)

Russia Today ‘Georgia gearing up for new war’ - S. Ossetia leader. (2012)

Global Research Georgia Masses Troops, Equipment, Planes On Russia’s South Ossetia and Abkhazia Borders. (2012)

Eurasia Net What's Happening On The Georgia-South Ossetia Border? (2012)

Radio Free Europe Georgia, South Ossetia Both Claim Preparations For New Hostilities. (2012)

Eurasia Net Tension With Russia Re-Emerges As Campaign Issue In Georgia. (2012)

Rickrozoff Blog Unprecedented Militarization Of Georgia Alarms South Ossetia. (2013)

Strategic Culture Foundation Russia Reaffirms Recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. (2013)

Russia Today Independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Why it happened. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines South Ossetia, five years after war. (2013)

New Eastern Outlook South Ossetia: Could Refugees Return Already? (2013) Georgia protests Abkhazia's and South Ossetia's Olympic moves. (2013)

Council of Europe Call to halt the construction of border fences in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (2013)

International Red Cross Georgia/South Ossetia: Surviving the peace. (2013)

The Globe and Mail Georgia helpless in face of Russian manoeuvres. (2013)

The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Russia Continues Border Demarcation in South Ossetia. (2013)

Al Jaazeera New fences worry Russia's neighbour. (2013)

Freedom and Democracy Watch Two Georgians detained near South Ossetia. (2013)

Radio Free Europe Is South Ossetia Heading For New Political Crisis? (2014)

Insight on Conflict Borders of war: the impact of South Ossetia’s new border. (2014)

Open Democracy South Ossetia’s unwanted independence. (2014)

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst Russia Takes Steps to Absorb South Ossetia. (2014)

The Interpreter Crimea Shows Russia Can Absorb South Ossetia Now Without Worrying About West, Amelina Says. (2014)

Relief Web South Ossetia Said To Tighten Restrictions on Ethnic Georgians. (2014)

Radio Free Europe Tunnel Connecting South Ossetia With Russia Reopens. (2014)

Foreign Policy Research Institute Russia’s Quiet Annexation of South Ossetia Continues. (2017)

Meduza The independent republic where everything depends on Moscow. (2018)

Eurasia Net Clash of drones highlights rising tensions over South Ossetia. (2019)

The Conversation South Ossetia: The case for international recognition. (2019)

Emerging Europe EU, US call on Russia to prevent escalation at South Ossetia border. (2019)

Moscow Times Tensions Are Flaring Between Georgia and Russia-Backed South Ossetia. Here's What's Happened. (2019)

The Heritage Foundation A Laughably Illegitimate Election in South Ossetia. (2019)

Anadolu Agency Georgia condemns elections in occupied South Ossetia. (2019)

Informed Comment What does it Mean that South Ossetia is Celebrating Independence? (2019)

Inform Napalm Moscow-backed Puppet Regime in South Ossetia Advancing onto Georgian Territory. (2019)

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