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Discover Bosnia Banja Luka: Urban Center of Republika Srpska.

Trip Advisor Republika Srpska.

Ski Resorts Republika Srpska.

Wikitravel Banja Luka.

Banja Luka Hostel

Cezar Hotel in Banja Luka




Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska

Banja Luka Open: International Dance Competition 2015

Banja Luka 2020 International Animated Film Festival




University of Banja Luka




Wikipedia Republika Srpska.

Wikipedia Main City of Banja Luka.

Wikipedia Bijeljina, second largest city.

Wikipedia City of Srebrenica.

The Srpska Times

Balkan Insight Republika Srpska.

Go Petition Sign the Petition: We, the undersigned, petition for the separation of the Republic of Srpska from superimposed Bosnia and Herzegovina". (2007)

Novinite Bosnia Serbs Gear up for Independence. (2008)

Radio Free Europe Banja Luka Bank, Controlled By PM, Hands Out Millions To Family, Allies. (2009)

Radio Free Europe For Bosnia’s Dodik, Referendum Law Means It's Make-Or-Break Time. (2010)

Transconflict Inside Conflict – Banja Luka today. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Republika Srpska's Dodik Says He's 'Only Supporting The Constitution'. (2011)

Balkan Transitional Justice Dodik: Republika Srpska Will Be Independent. (2012)

Pravda Republic of Srpska: 20 years of struggle. (2012)

Foreign Policy The wages of genocide denial. (2012)

Balkan Inside Dodik Announces Reshuffle of Republika Srpska Govt. (2013)

Bosnia Hercegovina Protest Files Will the citizens of Republika Srpska fall for propaganda and conspiracy theories? (2014)

Balkanist The Self-Destruction of Republica Srpska. (2014)

Blogajevo Bosnia’s Election 2014 – The Republika Srpska Presidency. (2014)

Washington Report of Middle East Affairs Protests in Republika Srpska, as Federation Plenums Fill Political Vacuum. (2014)

The Guardian Bosnia and Herzegovina: the world's most complicated system of government? (2014)

Radio Free Europe 60 Days And Counting? Republika Srpska Threatens Secession From Bosnia. (2020)

B92 "Republika Srpska leaves Bosnia-Herzegovina, United States will not stop us". (2020)

Anadolu Bosnia: Kosovo, Republika Srpska identical situations. (2020)

Intelli News Serbia slaps down Republika Srpska's secessionist aspirations. (2020)



Investment-Development Bank of Republic of Srpska

Invest in Srpska Government site.

Business Srpska

Srpska Development Agency

Nestro Petrol

Tidea Promoting green businesses.

Gaz Prom Gazprom and Republika Srpska to lay out Roadmap of cooperation in energy sector. (2013)

Bankar Russians give credit to the Republic of Srpska? (2013)

LSE Gazprom’s gas deal in Republika Srpska provides South Stream stop-gap. (2014)

Balkan Insight Bosnia’s Republika Srpska Criticised Over Debts. (2014)




Wikipedia Banja Luka City Stadium.




You Tube Republic of Srpska.

Shutter Stock Pictures of Srpska.





National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska

Republic of Srpska Government

Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels

Wikipedia Republika Srpska general election, 2018.

President of Russia Meeting with President of the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik. (2014)

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