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Search Engine Colossus is an "International Directory of Search Engines". {It lists only search engines!}

Search Engine Colossus welcomes submissions! LISTINGS ARE FREE except for Yellow Page searchers,and Priority Placement services.


For consideration to be listed, your search engine must meet the criteria listed below.

#1. The search engine must produce websites as it's end product.

#2. The search engine must create and maintain it's own searchable database. This disqualifies All-in-one Searchers, Meta-Searchers, Open Directory Project database, and Google Co-op searchers.

Yellow Page Searchers. If your search engine focuses primarily on an database of business and services websites or jobs search, chances are it will be identified by Search Engine Colossus as a "Yellow Page Searcher". ....as such it will be eligible to be listed at the bottom of the appropriate country page in it's Yellow Pages section for a $3.75 CANADIAN Dollars per month fee (excludes 7% tax). See example page to see positioning of listing. Note: My starting point is that I'm NOT interested in listing this genre of searchers. To me, a Yellow Pages Searcher (ie. Yellow Pages phone book) is not comparable to a regular search engine (ie. encyclopedia) ...even if they do both cover all manner of topics. Only through the persistence of a previous submitter is it now possible to get a Yellow Pages Searcher listed. The conditions above are those which we negotiated.

Search Engine Colossus is not listing these genres of search engines: Gambling, Casino, Sports Betting, Adult, SEO Friendly, Links Building, Swicki, Domains-by-proxy registered (unless your street/city/province address is posted on your site)



With your submission, could you also please send the answer to these questions:

#1. Does your search engine have people created listings OR spider-robot created listings?

#2. In what city/province/country are your offices located?

#3. Is your listings-index regional, national or global or something else?

#4. How would you describe your search engine in a one line sentence?

#5. What is your url?

Submissions should be sent to: bstromeSPAMSTOP@searchenginecolossus.com Good luck with your enterprise!


Priority Placement

The structure of our listings is alphabetical. If you would like to beat this system and get your search engine listed in the #1 position at the top (or near the top) of a country/category page, you may do so with Priority Placement. Fee: $5.00 CANADIAN Dollars per month (excludes 7% tax).


Follow - up

The Listings agreement will be in Canadian Dollars. It will be a flat rate per month. Search Engine Colossus's Listings Term cycle works on a prepayment basis.

Paypal.com members may utilize that system to make payments in Canadian Dollars. Paypal's Send Money feature makes the task of payment from British Pound, US Dollar, and Euro account holders effortless and efficient.

Search Engine Colossus has an International Business Account. Search Engine Colossus's account information will be sent to you upon request for you to utilize.


Alternatively, please obtain a money order, bank draft, or cheque and make it out to "Bryan Strome" for Canadian Dollars. Send payment via postal mail to:

Search Engine Colossus
671 Cowan Street
British Columbia
V2C 3G3


When your payment arrives, you will be contacted via email and your Listing will be posted online about the same time. A receipt will then be sent via postal mail back to you containing all the details of the agreement.

Search Engine Colossus is NOT utilizing credit cards.


Contact: Bryan Strome