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Uzbekistan National News Agency First voters in Karakalpakstan. (2009)

UK Government Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Tashkent made a short visit to Karakalpakstan. (2013)




WorldCook Karakalpakstan.

World 66 Travel Guide Capital City of Nukus.

Central Asian Tourist & Information Company (Tashkent) History, monuments and pictures of Karakalpakstan, territory of ancient Khorezm.

The Adventures of Tan Wee Cheng Heart of the Silk Road: Republic of Karakalpakstran. Part I

The Adventures of Tan Wee Cheng Heart of the Silk Road: Republic of Karakalpakstran. Part II

England to Mongolia Charity Trip: Dude, Where’s Baatar? Day 18: Karakalpakstan to Not Khiva. (2013)

Lonely Planet Forum Karakalpakstan / Aral Sea. (2013)

Igor and Penny Hit the Road Day 93-94: Karakalpakstan, (what remains of) the Aral Sea, and on to Kazakhstan. (2013)

Caravanistan Karakalpakstan, the Forgotten Stan. (2014)

Not Quite Marco Polo Nukus, Karakalpakstan. (2014)

Central Asia Rally Karakalpakstan – the Stan within the Stan. (2014)

IPS Uzbekistan’s Dying Aral Sea Resurrected as Tourist Attraction. (2014)



The Karakalpaks An independent and authoritative source of information about all things Karakalpak, from the origins and history of the Karakalpak people to their present day lifestyle.

Wikipedia: Karakalpakstan Free encyclopedia information about Karakalpakstan.

Wikipedia: Nukus Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of Nukus.

You Tube Karakalpakstan.

Topix.net Karakalpakstan News.

UNESCO News Media: A Common Drawback - Absence of an Independent Opinion.

Wired The Great Thirst. (2002)

Women Living Under Muslim Laws No love lost in Karakalpak bride thefts. (2004)

Forum 18 Massive fines, ban upheld and TV vilification for unregistered communities. (2005)

Radio Free Europe Uzbekistan: Shadowy Group Agitates For 'Free Karakalpakstan'. (2008)

Human Rights Watch Trial of Government Critic Begins. (2008)

Cascfen Trial of Tashkent human rights activist starts in Karakalpakstan. (2008)

Cascfen Dissident writer Yusuf Juma isolated in Karakalpakstan prison. (2009)

GeoCurrents The Tragedy of Karakalpakstan and the Fall of Khwarezm. (2010)

Radio Free Europe As Central Asia Dries Up, States Spar Over Shrinking Resources. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Uzbekistan: Shadowy Group Agitates For 'Free Karakalpakstan'. (2012)

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst Separatism in Uzbekistan? Karakalpakstan after Crimea. (2014)

Nadejda Atayeva Blog Death of another activist fighter for independence of Karakalpakstan. (2014)




UZ Info Invest Investment Guide for Karakalpakstan Republic.

Uzbekistan National News Agency Karakalpakstan: expanding manufacturing base. (2009)

Asia Times Aral Sea challenge to Kazakhstan. (2012)

Trend China Development Bank to provide loan to build cement plant in Uzbekistan. (2013)

UNDP Achieving Ecosystem Stability on Degraded Land in Karakalpakstan and the Kyzylkum Desert. (2013)

Uz Daily Heads of UN agencies in Uzbekistan visit Karakalpakstan. (2013)

Uz Report Karakalpakstan's GRP rose by 11.5%. (2014)




Karakalpak State Art Museum

Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art Home of the Savitsky Collection.

Wikipedia Nukus Museum of Art.

Karakalpakstan Blog Detailing the culture, history, geography and nature of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and neighbouring areas on the lower reaches of the Amu Darya River.

Central Asian Tourist & Information Company (Tashkent) The legends of ancient Karakalpakstan.

Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Magazine "San'at" (Art) Jollybai Izentaev: My Karakalpakstan.

Stan Tours The Nukus Modern Arts Collection.

Ethnologue Karakalpak Language.

Newsok Movie Review 'Desert of Forbidden Art' tells of Soviet artwork saved from destruction. (2010)

The Economist An essential museum you've never heard of. (2011)

Advan Tour Asrlar Sadosi - Bright Festival of National Traditions. (2012)

Lindsay Fincher Uzbekistan: Down and out in Karakalpakstan. (2012)

UK Foreign Commonwealth Office Two Museums in Karakalpakstan. (2013)




Wikipedia: Amu Darya The Amu Darya River, which flows through Karakalpakstan, is the longest river in central Asia.

Wikipedia: Aral Sea

Wikipedia: Mo‘ynoq Former Aral Sea port.

You Tube Aral Sea.

Oriental Express Central Asia The Shrinking of the Aral Sea.

Aral Sea Foundation

BBC News The Aral Sea Tragedy. (2000)

Water Policy International The Aral Sea. (2001)

The New York Times $85 Million Project Begins for Revival of the Aral Sea. (2003)

Discover Magazine Return of the Aral Sea. (2006)

Radio Free Europe Central Asia: Aral Sea Shows Signs Of Recovery. (2007)

BioEd Online Northern Aral Sea recovering. (2007)

NASA Aral Sea 2000 - 2008. (2008)

Tree Hugger Aral Sea Rehabilitation Program’s First Phase Hailed as Success. (2008)

eAmusing Amusing Aral Sea – Sea of Islands. (2010)

The Watchers Receding Aral sea sees some recovery. (2011)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Russian scientist never gave up on Aral sea. (2011)

Ecologist Kazakhstan fights to save its corner of a divided Aral Sea. (2011)

The Telegraph Will the Aral Sea ever return? (2012)

Amusing Planet The Disappearing Aral Lake and the Ship Graveyard of Moynaq. (2012)

Sputnik News Aral Sea Stopped Shrinking Says Russian Scientist. (2013)

Wired The Soviet River Diversion That Decimated a Giant Lake and Condemned a Population. (2013)

Eurasia Net Kazakhstan Sees Optimism as Aral Sea Flows Back. (2013)

Vice Fish are finally returning to the shrunken Aral Sea. (2014)

New Scientist History shows that parched Aral Sea can be restored. (2014)

NASA Data Find Some Hope for Water in Aral Sea Basin. (2014)

Moscow Times Symphony for the Return of the Aral Sea. (2014)

Atlas Obscura Aridity and Anthrax: The Disastrous Effects of a Shrinking Sea. (2014)

Sputnik News Aral Sea Has Declined Less Than Feared – Satellite Study. (2014)



Environmental Health Assessment of dietary exposure to some persistent organic pollutants in the Republic of Karakalpakstan of Uzbekistan. (2002)

IRIN Aral Sea crisis continues to erode health. (2006)

UNICEF In Uzbekistan, expanding health care to the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach. (2012)

UZ Report Train with humanitarian aid and medical supplies is bound for Karakalpakstan. (2013)

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