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Wikipedia: Karelia Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Karelia.

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire The Karelians.

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire The Veps.

Britons in Karelia That's in the 18th century....

Migrant Tales What should Finland do about Karelia? (2007)

Russophobia Goodbye, Karelia! Warm wishes! (2010)

Break the Chains The outrage of the police in Petrozavodsk, Russia. (2010)

Sputnik News 'Navigator was drunk' in north Russia air crash disaster. (2011)

Invincible Probity Karelia – A Lesson In Humanity / re: Finland. (2011)

The Moscow Times Su-27 Fighter Jet Crashes in Karelia. (2012)

Window on Eurasia Karelians Organize to Defend Their Republic Against Amalgamation. (2014)




Karelia Tourism Portal

WikiTravel Karelia.

WikiTravel Petrozavodsk.

Photo gallery of Petrozavodsk

Nordic Travel Tour and travel company based in Petrozavodsk.

Hotel Rionezhskiy in Petrozavodsk.

Russia: Beyond the Headlines Karelia will return in your dreams. (2010)

Unknown Russia Off-road fest "GIRVAS" in Karelia. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Expedition Trophy: Off the road again to cross Karelia. (2013)




The KIZHI State open-air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography in Petrozavodsk.

Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples Karelians (incl. Ludes).

Ethnologue Karelian Language.

Heninen Finnish Karelia memories.

Wikipedia Karelian Bear Dog.

Wikipedia Vepsians

Ethnologue Veps Language.

Ethnologue Livvi-Karelian Language.

Wikipedia Livvi-Karelian language.

Come on, art! Cultural Routes of Karelia...exhibitions, events.

Kalevala Sled Dog Race 2013

Russia Beyond the Headlines The log houses of Kizhi: Karelia’s treasured legacy. (2012)



Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy (SPOK)

9th Circumpolar Cooperation Conference of the Circumpolar Universities Association (2005)

Russian Language School in Karelia Information for international students.




Republic of Karelia for Investors

Karelia Government Karelia has vast possibilities for development.

Barent's Observer Karelia strikes €4,6 billion East-West infrastructure deal. (2013)

YLE Investors to build road in Karelia. (2013)

TCG1 Visitors of the exhibition "Energy of Karelia 2013" learned how to save money. (2013)

Barent's Observer IKEA logging in Karelia not sustainable. (2014)

Rainforest Rescue Ikea halts deforestation in Karelia. (2014)




Republic of Karelia Official government site.

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