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Wikipedia: Mari El Free encyclopedia information about Mari El.

Wikipedia: Yoshkar-Ola Capital City of the Mari El Republic.\

Wordpress: Mariuver Site about Maris, Mari El, Finno-Ugric and other Indigenous Peoples of Russia.

Radio Free Europe European Parliament Denounces Rights Abuses In Russia's Mari El Republic. (2005)

Radio Free Europe Mari El Begins To Look Like Belarus On The Volga. (2005)

European Parliament Resolution on Galina Kozlova. (2007)

President of Russia Trip to Mari El. (2010)

Sputnik News President Medvedev visits drought-hit Russian republic Mari El. (2011)

The Guardian Russian men 'posed as women' in online scam. (2011)

Geocurrents And the Suicide Capital of the World Is … The Republic of Mari El. (2011)

President of Russia Meeting with Head of Mari El Leonid Markelov. (2012)

Reuters Fitch affirms Russia's Mari El Republic at 'BB';outlook stable. (2013)

Sputnik News Volgograd trolleybus bomber's name is Pavel Pechenkin from Mari El region. (2013)


Guide to Russia Republic of Mariy El.

Wikitravel Mari El.




Uralica The Volga Finns: The Mari People.

Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola City.

Russian Museums The National Museum of the Mari El Republic.

Ethnologue Meadow Mari Language.

Ethnologue Hill Mari Language.

Religioscope Mari Paganism Struggling to Acquire Legal Status. (2002)

Word Press: Minorities in Focus Museum exhibits: an informative piece representing a thriving culture, or a relic of a declining one?

New Eastern Europe Film Review: The Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari. (2012)

Elite Food Pumpkin Pie of Mari El. (2013)




You Tube Mari El.

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