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Wikipedia: Mayotte Free encyclopedia information about Mayotte.

Wikipedia: Mamoudzou Capital of Mayotte.

Every Culture Mayotte.

ABC News 17 dead as migrant ship capsizes off Mayotte. (2007)

Reuters France says Comorian rebel in Mayotte. (2008)

The Guardian Tiny island keen to embrace French rule - 34 years after gaining independence. (2009)

Wikipedia Mahoran status referendum. (2009)

Radio France Politicians welcome referendum result in Mayotte. (2009)

JONB Blog A Brand New Day in Mayotte. (2009)

All Africa Comoros Calls for UN Help Over Island of Mayotte. (2010)

DW EU shores spread to Indian Ocean island. (2011)

World Policy Blog The Newest French Department. (2011)

The Guardian Mayotte moves to modernity. (2011)

Signalfire Violence erupts on French island Mayotte. (2011) Man dies during protests on French island Mayotte. (2011)

Global Dashboard The most heavily aided place in the world. (2012)

Fox News 5 dead as fishing boat sinks off French island. (2012)


WikiTravel Mayotte.

Travel Images Mayotte.

Galen Frysinger Travel photos of Mayotte.

World 66 Travel Guide Mayotte.

Ile Mayotte Tourist guide of the island of Mayotte.

Noonsite Regulations for sailors arriving at Mayotte.

Indian Ocean Times Mayotte: The new regional airline, Ewa, 51% owned by Air Austral operational in November. (2013)



You Tube Mayotte Island.

The Lighthouse Directory Mayotte.

NASA: Visible Earth Fringing Reef, Mayotte.

Monga Rainforests Mayotte.

The Sandwatch Project Mayotte.

World License Plates Mayotte.



Eurosurveillance Mayotte experienced an outbreak of acute conjunctivitis. (2012)

Emerging Infection Diseases Prevalence of Rift Valley Fever among Ruminants, Mayotte. (2012)

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