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World Bank South Sudan Overview.

Southern Sudan Initiatives

Sudan Tribune Total may offer South Sudan stake in disputed oil block. (2007)

Wireless Federation Zain launches network in southern Sudan. (2008)

Sudan Tribune Southern Sudan minister joins Jarch oil group. (2008)

Sudan Tribune Salva Kiir, Kuwaiti envoy discuss investment in southern Sudan. (2008)

Sudan Tribune South Sudan rescues Nile Commercial Bank, restructures management. (2009)

The Guardian Southern Sudan development 'hindered by World Bank'. (2010)

Fox News Southern Sudan welcomes US electricity project. (2011)

Sowetan SAB Millar beer to expand in Southern Sudan. (2011)

Relief Web Republic of South Sudan Consolidated Appeal 2011. (2011)

National Public Radio South Sudan: Will Oil Lead It Out Of Poverty? (2011)

The Guardian South Sudan set to showcase its foreign investment potential. (2011)

Brookings South Sudan: Searching for a Credible Development Path. (2013)

Bloomberg South Sudan’s New Refineries to Bring Fuel Independence Closer. (2013)

World Bank Group: Doing Business South Sudan. (2014)



Wikipedia: Dinka People A tribe in South Sudan.

Wikipedia: Shilluk People South Sudan's third largest minority ethnic group.

Wikipedia: Nuer People A confederation of tribes in South Sudan.

Wikipedia: Juba Arabic language A pidgen/simplified Sudanese Arabic language spoken in South Sudan.

Wikipedia: Dinka language

SF Gate South Sudan bride prices, cattle rustling rising. (2011)

Miss World South Sudan Contestant - Modong Manuela. (2016)



Bahr el Jebel Safaris

Reuters South Sudan to open first game park in 2008. (2007)

The Economist Nature-watching in South Sudan: Up, up and away in Africa. (2011)



Project Education Sudan Building Schools and Hope in Southern Sudan.

NPR A Difficult Promise to Keep in Southern Sudan. (2006)

UNICEF Critical Issues for Children. (2007)



You Tube South Sudan.

Facebook Hope For Women and Children of Southern Sudan.

Strange Ark Mystery Animals of South Sudan. (2008)



Government of the Republic of South Sudan

Results for the 2011 Referendum of Southern Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics

Ministry of Land, Housing and Public Utilities Sudan Maps - Strategic Participatory Town Planning.

Embassy of the United States - Juba, South Sudan

Wikipedia: Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M)

Wikipedia: John Garang Southern Sudan's first President.

U.S. Department of State Southern Sudan Referendum Bill. (2009)

Wikipedia Sudanese general election, 2010.

Wikipedia Southern Sudanese independence referendum, 2011.

The Whitehouse FACT SHEET: Supporting South Sudan’s Vision for the Future. (2011)

Ifex South Sudan government set to introduce Access to Information Bill. (2012)

Sudan Watch Nine Agreements between Sudan and South Sudan. (2012)

Sudan Watch Sudan, South Sudan sign agreement for implementation of security arrangements. (2013)




South Sudan Nation The Leading website for South Sudan Sucession and National Independence.

Wikipedia: South Sudan Free encyclopedia information about South Sudan.

CIA World Factbook South Sudan.

BBC Profile South Sudan.

VICE Video Saving South Sudan.

Human Security Baseline Assessment for Sudan and South Sudan

South Sudanese Friends International, Inc. Grassroots peacemaking and self-reliant living for southern Sudan.

Southern Sudan Mission Aid.

UN Refugee Agency South Sudan profile.

Facebook Serving Southern Sudan.

Wikipedia: Juba Regional Capital City of South Sudan.

Wikipedia: Yei A major commercial city in South Sudan.

Sudan Tribune South Sudan Current South Sudan news articles.

South Sudan News Agency South Sudan's Leading Independent News Source.

Huffington Post South Sudan.

The Guardian South Sudan.

Federation of American Scientists: Intelligence Resource Program Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM). (2000)

BBC News Southern Sudan's frontline town (Juba). (2005)

BBC News Large UN force for southern Sudan. (2005)

Christian Science Monitor Cellphones, roads, and girls in school. Is this south Sudan? (2005)

UNICEF In Southern Sudan, 250 demobilized child soldiers trade weapons for textbooks. (2006)

BBC News South Sudan leader warns militias. (2006)

Human Rights Watch Southern Sudan: Khartoum Reneges on Promises - Assessing the Impact of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. (2006)

World Food Program WFP shifts from war relief to recovery in south Sudan. (2007)

Human Rights Watch Southern Sudan: Protect Civilians, Improve Rule of Law. (2009)

The New York Times 100 Die in Southern Sudan in New Outbreak of Old Tribal Conflict. (2009)

UNICEF UNICEF deeply concerned at impact on children of recent fighting in Southern Sudan. (2009)

Human Rights Watch Southern Sudan: Improve Response to Ethnic Violence. (2009)

Xinhua News Agency UN official says southern Sudan facing "humanitarian perfect storm". (2009)

Arms Control Association Arms Collection Begins in Southern Sudan. (2009)

Spokesman Scores die in raid on southern Sudan. (2009)

New York Times Sudan Clashes Seen as Threat to Peace Treaty. (2010)

The Guardian 139 die in southern Sudan tribal clashes. (2010)

CBC News Southern Sudan may return to war: aid agencies. (2010)

Global Security Kenya Denies Helping Arm Southern Sudan. (2010)

The Washington Post Southern Sudan says vote on independence is off-limits for United Nations. (2010)

UN News Centre UN neutral in next year’s southern Sudan referendum, Ban stresses. (2010)

Action on Hunger Southern Sudan Faces Severe Food Shortages. (2010)

SF Gate Southern Sudan suffering food crisis. (2010)

VOA News Security Concerns Remain as Southern Sudan Approaches 2011 Referendum. (2010)

Global Security Soldiers Loyal to Failed Gubernatorial Candidate Attack Army Barracks in Southern Sudan. (2010)

Los Angeles Times Old ills could dash a new southern Sudan's hopes. (2010)

Global Security Northern, Southern Sudan Meet to Discuss Referendum. (2010)

World News Referendum will increase humanitarian needs. (2010)

Reuters Is Southern Sudan ready for independence? (2010)

Business News Southern Sudan to purge thousands of child soldiers from army ranks ahead of independence vote. (2010)

Beegeagle's Blog South Sudan Acquires First Military Aircraft Ahead of Secession Vote for $75 Million. (2010)

Relief Web Southern Sudan police trained on referendum security. (2010)

Xinhuanet China hopes for transparent, fair referendum in southern Sudan. (2010)

Xinhuanet Obama warns against delay of referendum in southern Sudan. (2010)

Nation Branding Naming a nation: Southern Sudan. (2010)

Global Issues Election-Watch: Countdown Begins to Southern Sudan Referendum. (2011)

Los Angles Times Southern Sudan's shaky future. (2011)

Opinio Juris Southern Sudan: Drawing Citizenship Boundaries. (2011)

Oxfam International Enormous challenges await southern Sudan after historic referendum. (2011)

Mail Guardian Southern Sudan in crisis. (2011)

NPR Southern Sudan Braces For Independence. (2011)

The Guardian Southern Sudan faces many challenges. (2011)

The Guardian Southern Sudan: starting from scratch. (2011)

CBC News Southern Sudan voters back secession. (2011)

Global Finance Southern Sudan: World’s Newest Nation. (2011) Southern Sudan makes preparations for next world capital. (2011)

Hurriyet Daily News US to recognize Southern Sudan. (2011)

United Press International Southern Sudan minister shot, killed. (2011)

Anti-War At Least 140, Mostly Civilians, Slain in Southern Sudan Clashes. (2011)

Committee to Protect Journalists Southern Sudan agents seize Juba Post copies. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Southern Sudan: Abuses on Both Sides in Upper Nile Clashes. (2011)

Newsvine Clashes in Sudan kill 20 near border, oil regions. (2011)

Real Clear Politics Southern Sudan official: Abyei belongs with us. (2011)

Human Rights Watch South Sudan: A Human Rights Agenda. (2011)

Human Rights Watch South Sudan: UN Cost-Cutting Threatens Peacekeeping Mission. (2011)

USA Today South Sudan celebrates birth with raising of flag. (2011)

The Guardian South Sudan: the birth of a new republic. (2011)

New York Times After Years of Struggle, South Sudan Becomes a New Nation. (2011)

Reuters Independent South Sudan "free at last". (2011)

CBC News South Sudan celebrates its 1st day. (2011)

The Atlantic South Sudan: The Newest Nation in the World. (2011) South Sudan: A new nation rises. (2011)

Christian Science Monitor Sudan, South Sudan trade blame for deteriorating security. (2011)

New York Times Tribal Clashes Raise Fears of Instability in South Sudan. (2011)

Christian Science Monitor South Sudan, darling of the West, faces charges of political repression. (2011)

Committee to Protect Journalists South Sudan security detains two journalists. (2011)

Reuters South Sudan accuses Sudan of air strike on refugee camp. (2011)

The Nation South Sudan to disarm civilians. (2011)

All South Sudan: Country and the Great Achievements in 2011. (2011)

Time South Sudan: At What Point Does Conflict Become a War? (2011)

Human Rights Watch World Report: South Sudan. (2012)

Freedom House South Sudan. (2012)

The UN Refugee Agency South Sudan Registered Refugee Population. (2012)

Sudan Reeves Sudan/South Sudan on the Brink of Catastrophic War. (2012)

New York Times South Sudan Reports Air Attacks by Sudan. (2012)

Relief Web South Sudan - Floods. (2012)

The Guardian South Sudan marks first anniversary of independence in wary mood. (2012)

The Telegraph London 2012 Olympics: South Sudan 'can compete at Games'. (2012)

Ifex Online journalist murdered in South Sudan. (2012)

Human Rights Watch World Report South Sudan 2013. (2013)

Amnesty International Mission to South Sudan 2013. (2013)

Human Rights Watch South Sudan: Threats to Free Speech. (2013)

National Geographic South Sudan: Oil, the Environment and Border Conflicts. (2013)

CBC News 5 UN peacekeepers killed during South Sudan ambush. (2013)

Ifex South Sudan lacks media laws, fails to protect journalists. (2013)

Al Monitor South Sudan's President Moves To Tighten Grip on Power. (2013)

The Guardian South Sudan factional fighting leaves hundreds feared dead. (2013)

CNN South Sudan says order restored after 500 killed, but U.N. still concerned. (2013)

The New Yorker South Sudan Erupts. (2013)

The Guardian Fleeing workers tell of brutal killings as South Sudan edges towards civil war. (2013)

Reuters Fears grow of civil war in South Sudan as rebels seize town. (2013)

Fox News US sending Marines to Africa in preparation for evacuations in South Sudan. (2013)

The Diplomat China's South Sudan Dilemma. (2013)

CNN Security Council OKs thousands more troops to South Sudan. (2013)

The Economist South Sudan: The descent into civil war. (2013)

Time South Sudan: Ceasefire Can’t Paper Over New Nation’s Widening Cracks. (2013)

Al Arabiya U.N. peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan. (2013)

USA Today South Sudan: 'White Army' militia marches to fight. (2013)

Aljazeera South Sudan rebels recapture key town of Bor. (2013)

Human Rights Watch World Report South Sudan 2014. (2014)

Global Post What's going on in South Sudan. (2014)

Voice of America What Triggered the Kiir-Machar Rift in South Sudan? (2014)

Christian Today Fighting in South Sudan: An explanation. (2014)

Al Jaazeera UN: War crimes happening in South Sudan. (2014)

The Huff Post South Sudan Looters Steal Food To Feed 220,000 Hungry People For A Month. (2014)

Voice of America Kiir: 'Unwavering' Effort to End South Sudan War. (2004)

Bloomberg China Halts Arms Sales to South Sudan After Norinco Shipment. (2014)

Enough Conflicts in Sudan. (2014)

National Geographic How the World's Youngest Nation Descended Into Bloody Civil War. (2014)

Reuters South Sudan sexual violence 'rampant,' two-year-old raped: U.N. (2014)

CNN Neighbors warn South Sudan to end conflict or face sanctions, intervention. (2014)

Al Jaazeera South Sudan rivals fail to reach peace deal. (2014)

DW Mediator: deal reached in South Sudan conflict. (2014)



Wikipedia: First Sudanese Civil War 1955 - 1972.

Wikipedia: Second Sudanese Civil War 1983 - 2005.

Wikipedia: South Sudanese conflict 2013 - 2014.

Wikipedia: 1998 Sudan famine In southwestern Sudan.

Global Security Sudan Civil War.

Wikipedia Heglig Crisis: South Sudan - Sudan border conflict. (2012)



International Committee of the Red Cross South Sudan.

Southern Sudan Health Projects

South Sudan Medical Journal

Intergrated Food Security Classification South Sudan.

Famine Early Warning Systems Network South Sudan.

FAO in Emergencies Crisis in South Sudan.

Oxfam International Crisis in South Sudan.

Carter Centre Guinea Worm 'Warrior' Fights Disease in Southern Sudan. (2003)

Sudan Tribune HIV/Aids threatens South Sudan’s peace dividends. (2006)

The Carter Center Jimmy Carter Visits Southern Sudan to Praise Progress Against Disease, Urges Guinea Worm Eradication by 2009. (2007)

UNICEF UNICEF trains Government of Southern Sudan water managers. (2008)

UNICEF Motorbike ambulances help cut maternal mortality in Southern Sudan. (2009)

Center For Disease Control Notes from the Field: Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis Outbreaks Caused by Coxsackievirus A24v --- Uganda and Southern Sudan. (2010)

New Scientist Southern Sudan's votes could kill an ancient disease. (2011)

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations High levels of food insecurity in South Sudan. (2012)

International Committee of the Red Cross South Sudan: A new country facing major humanitarian challenges. (2012)

International Committee of the Red Cross South Sudan: World's newest country signs up to the Geneva Conventions. (2012)

Modern Ghana South Sudan: water shortages hit crisis point in refugee camps. (2012)

World Health Organization Internally displaced people in South Sudan are at great risk of disease outbreaks. (2013)

Malaria Journal Malaria control in South Sudan, 2006–2013: strategies, progress and challenges. (2013)

Relief Web South Sudan: Cholera Outbreak. (2014)

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