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Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps The Princess Mary's Hospital at RAF Akrotiri.




CIA World Factbook Dhekelia.

CIA World Factbook Akrotiri

Wikipedia: Akrotiri and Dhekelia Free encyclopedia information about Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

Wikipedia: RAF Akrotiri

Wikipedia: British Forces Cyprus

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BBC News UK offers to cede Cyprus land. (2003)

BBC News British Nationals evacuate from Lebanon. (2006)

BBC News Welcome respite for evacuees. (2006)

North Cyprus Free Press Cyprus Military Intelligence | the importance of the Sovereign Base Areas. (2012)

Cyprus Mail It’s high time the UK paid up for bases. (2013)

The Guardian No 10: MoD sovereign territory plans for Trident base not credible. (2013)

Xinhua News Agency British bases on Cyprus can exert control over Middle East. (2013)

BBC News UK bases in Cyprus 'are bird-trapping hotspots'. (2013)

Cyprus Property News Sovereign Base Areas development agreement in full. (2014)

Famagusta Gazette British bases public consultation extended. (2014)

The Guardian 'We're in limbo': the families marooned at a British military base for 16 years. (2014)


RAF Akrotiri Revisited.

Trav Buddy Akrotiri - Western Sovereign Base Area. (2013)




Joint Service Golf Club




You Tube Sovereign Base Areas.

Gambling News with an Edge Cyprus Bet Shops Take Refugee in the Sovereign Base Areas. (2012)

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Saving birds without borders but on British soil. (2014)

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