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Encyclopaedia Britannica Bashkortostan.

Wikipedia: Bashkortostan Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Wikipedia: Bashkirs Free encyclopedia information about this Turkic People.

Russia Trek Bashkortostan Republic, Russia (Bashkiria).

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Bashkortostan.

Bash Inform News agency.

Radio Free Europe Bashkortostan: Opposition Denounces ‘Dictatorship’ At Moscow Protest. (2005)

Committee to Protect Journalists In Bashkortostan, journalists convicted of extremism. (2008)

Radio Free Europe Three Convicted Of Religious Extremism In Bashkortostan. (2008)

Radio Free Europe Global Economic Crisis Hits Russia's Bashkortostan. (2008)

Radio Free Europe Moscow Seen As Tightening Grip On Bashkortostan. (2009)

Radio Free Europe Protesters Rally In Bashkortostan To Save Language Education. (2009)

Radio Free Europe Russia's Bashkortostan Strains Against Moscow's Centralization Policy. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Tatars, Bashkirs Decry 'Harassment' Of Bashkir Muslims. (2011)

Russia Legal Information Agency Access to anti-Islam film to be blocked in Russia's Bashkortostan. (2012)

Radio Free Europe Bashkortostan President Dismisses Government In Reform Move. (2012)

Radio Free Europe Five Sentenced In Bashkortostan For Online Extremism. (2012)

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst North Caucasus Insurgency Makes Inroads To Tatarstan, Bashkortostan. (2013)

Window on Eurasia Window on Eurasia Tatarstan and Bashkortostan Resist Dropping Presidential Title. (2013)

Jamestown Foundation Is Bashkortostan About to Explode Along Ethnic Lines? (2016)

Radio Free Europe Environmental Activists, Chemical Workers Clash At Protected Site In Russia's Bashkortostan. (2020)

Greenpeace Long live Kushtau mountain and its defenders. (2020)



BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Bashkortostan.

WikiTravel Bashkortostan.

Ski Resorts Ski resorts Bashkortostan.

Peak Advisor Bashkorostan.

Russia Beyond the Headlines Bashkortostan: Waking the ‘Russian Switzerland’. (2013)




East West Digital News Bashkortostan puts together IT park. (2012)

Nuclear News Who needs a nuclear power plant in Bashkortostan? (2013)

All Plane Air Bashkortostan Stops Flying. (2013)

Industrial Union Support Gazprom workers rights in Bashkortostan. (2013)

Gov UK British Trade Delegation to Ufa, Bashkortostan. (2013)

Wood Based Panels International Kronospan considering OSB in Bashkortostan. (2014)

Agroberichten Buitenland Dutch agribusiness most welcome doing business in Russia’s Bashkortostan region. (2020)




The Cultural World of Baskortostan

Wikipedia History of Bashkortostan.

Eurovoix Bashkortostan: National Final Disrupted By Fire. (2013) Ban on Alcohol Sale in Bashkortostan Regions. (2013)




Baskir State University in Ufa.




You Tube Bashkortostan.



Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Republic of Bashkortostan.

Official web-site of Ufa City Administration

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