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WikiTravel Bougainville.

Travel Inspired What it’s REALLY like living on a remote, tropical island like Bougainville. (2018)

CNN Travel How to visit Bougainville as it hopes to become the world's newest country. (2019)




New Dawn on Bougainville New Dawn FM 95.3 - Strengthening Bougainville autonomy through radio broadcasting to provide information & community development.

University of Queensland Bougainville community radio station wins 2009 UQ award. (2009)




Wikipedia: Louis Antoine de Bougainville Free encyclopedia information about Louis Antoine de Bougainville.

Wikipedia History of Bougainville.

iBiblio - Hyperwar Bougainville and the Northern Solomons. (Written in 1946)

Pacific Wreck Database (WW II) Bougainville.




Animal Info Bougainville Monkey-faced Flying Fox.

The Rainforest Information Centre - Project 500 U.S. Dollars for Bruno Idioai of Bougainville.




You Tube Bougainville.




Papua New Guinea Mine Watch Bougainville news.

The Bougainville Copper Project

The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper

Mines and Communities Tayloring a new Panguna mine for Bougainville. (2011)

Act Now Chinese push for Special Economic Zone laws on Bougainville. (2011)

Papua New Guinea Mine Watch Rio Tinto ‘must come clean about Bougainville war’. (2011)

Papua New Guinea Mine Watch Battle intensifies over Bougainville Copper. (2011)

Papua New Guinea Mine Watch Bougainville MP cautious on mining. (2012)

Mines and Communities Will Rio Tinto be barred from returning to Bougainville? Bougainville has legal power. (2012)

New Matilda AusAID Fuels Bougainville Mining Tensions. (2013)

ABC News Papa New Guinea PM Peter O'Neill visits Bougainville as countries seek reconciliation following civil war. (2014)

Business Advantage PNG Bougainville gets serious about attracting investment. (2014)

Asia Times China has big stake in Bougainville independence. (2019)




Wikipedia: Autonomous Region of Bougainville Free encyclopedia information about Bougainville.

Bougainville News

Mekamui News Bougainville's Separatist's Groups News Agency.

Origins of the Bougainville Crisis PNG Written by Alastair McIntosh.

New Zealand Police Bougainville Community Policing Project, 2013.

Australian Broadcast News (ABC) Bougainville news.

Pacific Island Politics The Bougainville Conflict. (1999)

Brisbane Times Bougainville president dead. (2008)

Brisbane Times Bougainville president 'a man of peace'. (2008)

Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Organization Environmental Costs in Bougainville. (2008)

Sydney Morning Herald Election stuck in neutral. (2008)

Wikipedia James Tanis, President.

Sydney Morning Herald Bougainville swears in new president. (2009)

Global Brief The Bougainville Deal. (2009)

Wikipedia Bougainvillean presidential election, 2010. (2010)

Foreign Policy Journal Conflict Resolution in a Hybrid State: The Bougainville Story. (2011)

Intercontinental Cry Saving Our Land: The People of Bougainville Speak Out. (2011)

The Masalai Blog Blood & Treasure on Bougainville. (2011)

Antony Loewenstein What the resource curse is doing to Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. (2012)

L F Blog Bougainville, Guns gave us light and hope. (2012)

Mines and Communities Australia warned to stay out of Bougainville affairs. (2013)

PNG Attitude Blog Bougainville: Writers should not fan flames of discord. (2013)

The Guardian Bougainville mine: locals who oppose its re-opening must have a voice. (2013)

The Watchers Very strong earthquake M7.1 struck Bougainville region, P.N.G. (2014)

PNG Attitude Bougainville combatants want to put respect in weapons disposal. (2014)

CNN Bougainville independence vote delivers emphatic demand to become world's newest nation. (2019)

Sydney Morning Herald From 'treasure island' to world's newest nation? What is happening in Bougainville? (2019)

NPR Trying To Form The World's Newest Country, Bougainville Has A Road Ahead. (2019)

Australian Strategic Policy Institute Blog An independent Bougainville? Don’t hold your breath. (2019)

Democracy International Inching towards independence: A bumpy road ahead for Bougainville. (2020)

Garda World Authorities in Bougainville extend the state of emergency until mid-June due to the spread of COVID-19; follow all government directives. (2020)

The Interpreter Consulting on Bougainville’s future: The what, who, how and when. (2020)

The Diplomat Bougainville Prepares for Presidential Election. (2020)

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